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Discover the Uniqueness of a Savinelli Pipes If you are a lover of fine pipe tobacco, then you are probably familiar with the iconic brand Savinelli. Savinelli pipes are one of the most well-known and popular pipes in the world and any pipe smoking enthusiast will appreciate the fine quality that is associated with this brand. The company is the lead Italian pipe manufacturer in the world, and you can expect excellent craftsmanship when you purchase one of their pipes. The Savinelli name is synonymous with quality. The main thing that sets their pipes apart from others is their Balsa Filter System, which allows you to customize your smoking experience using the convertibility that their pipes offer.

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Beautiful, nice smoker--not a clencher

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I really like this pipe. When I got it, I was a bit put off by how thick the stem is. I couldn't clench it between my teeth. Once I put a rubber bit guard on it, it was MUCH better. I highly recommend getting a rubber bit guard for this pipe if you like to clench. All-in-all it is a quality pipe with a large bowl. I really like it.

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Great pipe, clever idea with the stopper

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I really like the size, design and carving on this pipe. The stopper is convenient and you can pack less than a full bowl and put the stopper in and have it ready for later. I really like the tortoise shell design on the stopper and stem. I took it to a pipe event recently and received a lot of comments and several expressed interest in getting a Tortuga after seeing mine.

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Amazing Pipe!

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Wow, what else can I say?!! Gorgeous pipe! The silver band adds a great look to this already beautiful pipe. The draw is perfect! Oh and the bowl on this thing is HUGE! Totally happy with this purchase, will buy Savinelli's all day long!

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Perfect Pipe

Based on 1 review

I love this pipe in every way. Looks amazing, feels great in your hand and smokes great. I can get a two hour smoke out of this pipe. It is awesome!!!

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Well made Great Pipe

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Great pipe, well made, cool smoking with the balsa filters. Sharp look to it and very comfortable to hold in hand. I like that it's not as cumbersome as a churchwarden but easier to hold than a shorter pipe. Break in was easy and I look forward to a long future with this pipe.

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