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Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb Bag

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb

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Product Information
If you like a medium to strong pipe tobacco, Cherokee is the right one for you! This pipe tobacco is a mixture of Green River and Black Cavendish tobaccos, giving it a great taste with a strong kick. Available in Original, Mellow and Menthol flavors.
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Strength: Medium Flavor: Natural Packaging: Bag
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Cherokee full flavor


Awesome product. I was a Marlboro medium aka red label smoker. This tobacco is almost the identical flavor for me. Not to mention the health benefits of chemical free tobacco. Word to the wise, the company "just good tobacco " is a joke they scammed my father, showed him bnb and he is a proud customer as well now.

by on

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb


Nice fresh product, fast delivery.

by Catherine on 7/20/2014

cherokee pipe tobacco


I have been purchasing this product from BnB for a couple of years, and am very happy with the product and company!

by stephany on 7/18/2014

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb


I really like the product. This is the second bag we have ordered from you. The taste is good, the delivery time is about a week, which is good. We will most likely be ordering more of this product!

by Cheryl on 6/27/2014

Best Tobbaco for the price!


Not too harsh but strong taste, also no oddness about the taste.

by Curtis on 6/19/2014

Very pleased


This was my first time orderingit won't be my last. I ordered the 5 lb bag of Cherokee Tobacco. I received it quickly and the quality was probably the best of any I purchased anywhere.

by Sherry on 5/11/2014

a bit harsh compared to


a bit harsh compared to regular pipe tobacco's, but it is what it is and does the job. outstanding fast shipping

by Steven on 4/17/2014

5lbs Cherokee Tobacco


Exactly what I ordered! Great flavor, fantastic price, speedy hitches!!! Will definately order again.

by roberta on 4/14/2014

The best service you can get.


BnB Tobacco is the only place to shop for I have been using them for over 6 mouths now and they have always top notch. I am very happy with there product and service.

by Jack on 4/11/2014

Cherokee pipe tobacco


Smooth, smells wonderful, rolls well, will definitely buy again

by Shannon on 4/10/2014

Cherokee brand pipe tobacco


Great product for anyone that decides that switching from regular cigarettes to a product that comes close to the name brand products you buy. You even can roll your own or smoke it from a pipe, either way is great!

by Jimmy on 3/14/2014

Clean, & Smooth.. Worth it..


Thank you....

by Kimberly on 3/11/2014

fantastic products and service!


I shall return soon!

by LEROY on 3/12/2014

Cherokee Tobacco


Very pleased with Cherokee tobacco, it is smooth and not harsh, would recommend to other smokers.

by RUBY on 3/10/2014



for as much as i pay for tobbacco i feel your shipping is way to slow and u never send me a email when it has been shipped.

by connie on 7/12/2014

Real good for the price


Lots of twigs and sticks. Pretty common for all the bulk tobacco I've tried. Gotta watch for them or they punch holes in the tubes. Still tastes good after picking them out, though. Working through my fifth or sixth five pound bag. They must be doing something right! :)

by G B. on 5/2/2014

Cherokee Tobacco


The last 3 bags I bought seemed to have a LOT of sticks and stems in them. As for as the taste of it, it was good and mellow, rolled very good.

by RUBY on 4/5/2014

Bigger IS better


I recently purchased the 5 lb . bag of Cherokee Pipe tobacco and couldn't have been more pleased. The savings of the bulk purchase make sense in my case as I roll a lot of cigarettes. There were very few "sticks" in the bag so little was wasted. I'll be getting another "big" bag soon!

by John L. on 9/12/2014

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb


Great price, love that we can setup auto order. What I didn't like was the way it was sent. The first part of delivery was through UPS and once it hit our town it was turned over to the post office to bring it the last couple of miles. In the meantime it set at the post office for a day. I went there and asked them about it and they said they would deliver it the next day. Since my cocker spaniel barked at the postman they refuse to bring packages to our door. He ended up rubber banding it to our mailbox. If it's being sent to the post office why can't I use my P.O. box instead and cut out the middle man?

by Pamela on 9/19/2014

Fast shipping


Fast shipping

by linda on 9/25/2014



Besides the prices going up in the past year. I am satisfied and those who I introduced this site to is satisfied as well. The shipping is on point n customer service is satisfactional. I made it my one stop tobacco shop. Thanks!

by Ronald on 9/28/2014

BnB is the only place to buy


BnB is the place to buy tobacco. I have been buying there for over three years now and I have always gotten fresh and clean tobacco.I often check other tobacco outlets for price and quality. find that BnB is the best deal out there. So don't be a fool, If you want to roll your own BnB is the only place to shop for high quality The best price and top of the line of service. Foe me BnB is the only place to buy.

by Jack on 10/5/2014

it works


I use it for ryo,works pretty good and tastes good.and for the price how can ya beat it.less than 10 a carton.and the customer service at bnb are the best.

by david on 10/10/2014

Great Product


Really appreciate the timely delivery of a great product.

by Jimmy on 10/11/2014

Good RYO tobacco


Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco is ideal for rolling cigarettes. I have tried several different brands but none compare to Cherokee as far as quality and price.

by John L. on 10/17/2014




by Patricia on 10/30/2014



Great for ryo and the people at bnb are also great.

by david on 10/31/2014

Consistant quality and delivery


I have been buying my tobacco products from BnB for years. This is a great company on all the products they offer. What's better is that if you are not satisfied they will make it right. You can't go wrong with BnB. Guy Phoenix, AZ

by Guy on 11/16/2014

Perfect, as usual.


Perfect, as usual.

by Gregory on 11/23/2014




by Lawrence on 12/21/2014

I love it and will


I love it and will getting more soon

by Dennis on 12/22/2014

best tobacco on the market


Cherokee tobacco is the only brand I an tolerate, please keep it around as you are the only ones who sell it in 5lb bags, doing this I am a customer for life.

by sallie on 12/31/2014



Shipped fast. Will order from again

by troy on 1/12/2015



I will be ordering more very soon its the best

by Dennis on 1/25/2015



All my needs are met for 12 or 14 weeks at a time! The best to my door arrangement I could have.

by john on 2/1/2015



taste good rolls good

by Keegan on 2/3/2015

Home made is much better!


Use Cherokee tobacco to make your own cigs or just pipe it! It's natural, unadulterated, no added chemicals for burn control, etc. It's just a great tobacco that is flavorful and a pleasure to smoke. I've tried three different tobaccos from BnB and I like Cherokee the very best. Thank you BnB.

by Keith on 2/4/2015

to long getting to me


to long getting to me and dont even deliver to me just to post office. use to deliver to my door and free shipping would be nice if sometimes it was the first or shotly after. out side of those2 things every thing else is good.

by connie on 2/9/2015

Great Tobacco


Great tobacco with quick service and low prices. Followed up with great customer service. This company cares about their customers and proves it with each order I make.

by Keith on 2/18/2015

Love it!!


This tobacco is fresh and flavorful. It is also a great price and the shipping is fast. I love it.

by Sherry on 3/28/2015

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco


I just love this tobacco. I was a Marlboro 100’s smoker and this tobacco is as good if not better than store bought. I could just kick myself at all the money I wasted on store bought cigarettes when self rolling with filtered tubes cost me around $1.50 a pack. Highly recommend this inexpensive but good tasting tobacco. I saved even more by buying the 5 lb. bag.

by Helena on 4/13/2015

5 lbs of Cherokee Tobacco


great product at a great price - delivered by UPS - excellent!

by Joanna on 5/27/2016

i love this tobacco, it


i love this tobacco, it has alot of flavor and a good price

by Sandra on 5/27/2016



They do as they say! Or they make it right! Thanks

by raymond on 5/30/2016

Wonderful..A lot of quanity for


Wonderful..A lot of quanity for he price

by April on 6/16/2016

Great tobacco, Good price!


I have been using this product for years, works well in my Top o matic machine.

by Clay on 9/14/2016

Great Tobacco


The order from BnB came real quick and they are wonderful people to do business with.

by SHIRLEY on 9/24/2016

Excellent service


BnB Tobacco have never failed me on the service they also carry great products and excellent price, I will keep shopping at BnB tobacco so why go anywhere el's?

by simon on 9/28/2016

Cherakee pipe tobacco 5lb. bag


It pays to buy in bulk!

by Samuel J. on 10/4/2016

ordering problems


i like the product, i have been buying it for awhile now, my problem is with ordering it, even though i have updated all my accounts after i moved across town, when i try to place an order online i have to put my old address in and click on send package to a different address which is where i live, i have called b.n.b but no results, i like the product but dread ordering it.

by Ronald on 12/8/2016

Smokin Good , clean and safe,makes the


The pergfect smoking tobacco

by Brian on 8/7/2014

Best for the Savings 5ibs.


The best purchase for a budget like mine.BNB so far has the only oppertunity for this type of purchase,bulk for one.

by john a. on 8/2/2014



No complaints very very happy!

by Katrina on 8/2/2014

Produced by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, these little cigars and pipe tobacco blends have grown to be legendary outside of just Cherokee circles. Each hit from one of these premium tobacco products gives individuals a firsthand chance to truly smoke, taste, and experience the legend of Cherokee Brand Little Cigars.

No matter the product you can be ensured that each one is made from the highest quality blend of flue-cured and burly tobaccos. With little cigar flavors running the gambit from full flavor, cherry, menthol, and mellow there is sure to be something for everyone. If little cigars are not your taste, Cherokee also offers full flavor, menthol, original, Turkish bold, and mellow pipe smoking blends. Prices range from just $5.99- $49.99, allowing a range of options for any budget. Do not deprive yourself of the awesome experience that the Cherokee nation has to offer when it comes to tobacco!

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