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Premium Cigars at BNB Tobacco

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BnB Tobacco has one of the largest selections of premium cigars available on the Internet. We appreciate a fine premium cigar and know you how much you do too!

Great cigar, great price

Based on 4 reviews

This is one of my favorite cigars, has been for the last decade or so. As price has creeped up over the years, I have looked elsewhere. When I saw the Groupon coupon and looked at the prices, they were very competitive even without the coupon so with it this was a no brainer. I will look to buy here again as they beat some of the big named distributors.

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Need a little tender care

Based on 4 reviews

I bought these cigars in west hartford ct and I agree with the other reviewers that they are rolled tight . However I corrected this problem by inserting a jewelers screwdriver in the head about 2 inches into the flute and they drew perfectly. They are a tasty cigar and can be made smoke worthy with a little care.

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Fresh and Fast!

Based on 1 review

I paid extra for the first class shipping and received the cigars in two days. I wish it express shipping was standard but the Cigars where fresh and such a good smoke.

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Good cigar, I will be

Based on 1 review

Good cigar, I will be ordering more this week so I can be stocked up for a while. Smooth cigar all the way to the end, had one last night after work, can't wait till I get off work tonight to light up another one

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