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Red River Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz bag

Red River Smooth Pipe 16oz Bag

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $5.00
Save! $1 off Red River for a limited time! Get yours before the deal ends!
Offer Expires 5/31/2016
Product Information
Red River Pipe Tobacco in 1 pound bags at a very affordable price!
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Mild Flavor: Natural Packaging: Bag
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by on

Good brand


I like this tobacco. It's not harsh and the pouches are always fresh. I'll continue to use this brand. Shipping is fast too. I'm very pleased with BnB Tobacco. Glad I found them.

by smoker jay on 12/7/2013

red river smooth


very good productonly one complaint to many stems

by mike on 9/19/2013

Great Taste...and Mild!


3rd Order of same...packages filled to the Top...More than a pound! Some stems especially toward the bottom.

by Spysmasher on 7/29/2013

bnb tabaco is the best


bnb makes it easy to get your tabaco products|its always fresh always resanably priced|quick delivery right to your door|thanks bnb tabaco

by tumbleweed20036 on 7/18/2013

Only the best...It's Red River Smooth


I trust only Red River and I only purchase it through BNB.

by Barb on 7/10/2013



My location is the Upper Midwest. In the Winter this product maintains great moisture content needed for RYO Electric machines. Summer this Product is to moist so I use Dark Horse for the Summer.

by KReB on 5/31/2013

I'm glad I switched.


My old tobacco became difficult to stay lit and started leaving a bitter taste. Everything was resolved when I switched to Red River.

by Thunder4 on 5/24/2013

Good tobacco


After trying another brand I came back. Good quality for a good price. Quick delivery

by smoker jay on 5/24/2013

Excellent product -I don't buy any other


Favorite brand among every one I buy for.

by crs3mom on 4/26/2013

super product!!!!!


use this product regularly very good moisture content for rolling!

by dw5684 on 4/17/2013

very good jab


very west delivery

by tolik on 4/8/2013

just the right tast love this one


used every day great taste and always fresh

by flo on 4/4/2013

Highly Recommended for Quality/Value


The 16 oz bag for me is equivilent to about 2.5 cartons of cigarettes. This high-quality product is moist aromatic and easy to work with.

by waterlover on 4/2/2013

Excellent Company


The product is excellent and what you find in higher end smoke shops and is an excellent value. The product has been consistent for the several years that I have used BNB Tobacco and will continue to do so. There has never been a problem.

by Makrothumia on 4/2/2013

The best product and customer service


First of all you have saved us so much money.NOwI have never dealt with a company that was so customer service orientated.The customer seems to always come first.I can't express the product being the best I have ever had enough.B&B I hope your around for awhile.I will be a loyal customer even if your prices raise.Thanks for all your service

by Nay Nay on 4/2/2013

Great tobacco product


We make our own smokes with the excel machine very easy and fast

by golf player on 10/22/2012

I would buy this product again and again


I use it with my Gambler TubeCut Cigarette Machine Injector. And works great.

by Mike and Steve on 10/19/2012

Good Product & Service


I have never had a problem with the product or dealing with the supplier. They have always shipped my order quick and complete.

by Judy on 10/17/2012

A little nervice at first but no longer!


So far so good.

by GJ on 10/6/2012

fast shipping etc


great savings roll your own price is nice

by lion on 10/4/2012

best for the price


this brand isn't harsh it's very smooth & gives just the right amount of enjoyment from smoking it.

by the smoker on 9/18/2012

great value


Product is a great value and has a great flavor. Since I found this product on your site I have saved a lot of money and have enjoyed smoking more by knowing that I made my own cigarettes.

by none on 8/22/2012

Good Tobacco and a Great Price !!


I have been smoking the Red River Smooth for about a year and haven't found a better tasting tobacco yet. I tried a couple of other brands but they just didn't have the flavor of Red River. The service that I got from BnB couldn't have been better.

by Bob W on 8/20/2012

Great deal...!!!


Rolls perfect cigarettes every time in my Powermatic II electric roller it smells great smokes evenly every time...very few small stems less than a dozen in every pound. Taste better than a manufactured smoke. Wish I had found it years earlier and had been rolling my own...saves a fortune. I am on my fourth pound now (over 10 cartons) and every smoke has been smooth with no complaints. Exce

by Bali-dreamer!! on 8/20/2012

my tabaco


i would not trade anything for this.

by tamram on 4/27/2012

Excellent stuff


Its hard to order on line have trouble getting the right amounts in the buy box sometimes

by golf player on 10/25/2013

I would buy this product over and over.


I can say again and again this is a wonderful product.I soon will try some other flavors.Thank you for your great products

by nay nay on 9/27/2013

good product real great cost


I use this product for smoking

by mike on 5/14/2013

A great product


My wife uses this product in an electric tube filling machine.|She is very pleased with the way it handlesshe just has to remove "twigs" from the tobacco before loading it into her machine

by jac on 4/28/2013

Great smooth taste


Very happy with this productand the freshness

by smokingdog on 4/12/2013

I will continue to buy this product


I roll it in paper tubs

by mitzy on 4/3/2013

Good product


In the past this product was dry and stale. Now it's fresh & wonderful plus can't beat the price! Just wish there was a lil less twigs in it.

by sweets on 9/23/2012

Great Smoke


I perfer this tabacco over the last brand that I used. Excellent quality. Highly recommended.

by E on 8/23/2012

very good product at nice price


personal use

by golf player on 8/20/2012

I plan to but this product again!!


I use this every day it is better and far less expensive than buying any major cigerette brand out there!!

by mac on 4/26/2012

great value


i use it daily for enjoyment and economy

by al on 4/21/2012

Red River Pipe Tobacco is Great


It rolls well in RYO Machines Has a good flavor and Stays Fresh.

by Hmanfl on 4/18/2012

Red River Smooth really is smooth!


I use Red River Smooth to roll my own cigarettes.|Easy to use in my Top-O- Matic T2 machine. There are few hard stems that you have to pick out but they are few and far between. As long as quality remains the same I will continue to use Red River Smooth to roll my own smokes.

by ZID on 4/17/2012

Smoothest tobacco for the money


I use this product daily as a roll your own cigarette and it is very good tobacco. Not harsh like a lot of others I've tried over the years. Don't let the inexpensive price fool you - this is quality stuff! Will buy again and again.

by Bandd7 on 4/17/2012

Nice and Smooth


Red River is a nice smooth tobacco. Great price for a quality tobacco

by BC on 4/16/2012

i would buy this product again and again


I use this product to roll my own tube cigarettes excellent tobacco. I will continue to purchase it in the future.

by Big Al on 4/16/2012

Was disappointed with last purcase


Usually an adequate moist good priced product. But now am finding out it is drying faster than it used too but will keep using because can not beat it for the price.

by bigsis on 4/13/2012

I regret I spent money on this


this tobacco was shipped to me over-dried burns your mouth and lungs I regret I ever spent money on this ..

by hunsky on 4/17/2012

Best Buy for Smooth and Mild Smokers


Nice Aroma and Fresh...Burns Slow...maybe not for Marlboro smokers but for those looking for a smoother taste.

by Spysmasher on 4/9/2013

Red River and Zig-Zag Tubes


I am pleased with my order and have not one complaint. I will be buying more in the future.

by Kariokie on 10/14/2012

Great tobacco very smooth great tasting.


Great for MYO. Been trying out other brands till i decided to buy a six ounce pouch and was great now own a pound will buy again and again love it. With premier light tube or menthol both are great.

by Oakland Raiders on 6/9/2012

Red River Tobacco


I have been very satisfied with this product and the serviced I have received from BNB tobacco.

by Greg Rider on 8/20/2012




by ISHKABIBBLES on 6/5/2012

red river pipe tabacco


Consistent cut and flavor,it's great

by William on 8/27/2014

Red River Tobacco


Red river tobacco is really smooth. I have bought it several times now and it never let's me down. Very good product. Bev K

by Beverly on 8/28/2014



I really like it

by Helen on 8/28/2014

you keep going up on


you keep going up on the price without notifying me

by connie on 9/6/2014




by todd on 10/6/2014

its a very good buy.


Love the taste, wish I found you guys sooner.

by Charlie on 10/11/2014

Great Product Great Site


First, I save a ton of money by buying my own tobacco. Second, the Red River smooth is a great blend that I like. BnB site has been exceptional and I have no complaints at all.

by Mary on 12/10/2014

very good jab


very good jab

by Anatoliy on 12/22/2014

Smooth is good


Not harsh at all

by todd on 12/28/2014

Red River Smooth Pipe Tobacco


Very good and mild pipe tobacco. Will purchase more soon. Price and delivery were most satisfactory. Thanks.

by Walter on 2/20/2015

very happy with this selection.


This Red River smooth pipe 16oz tobacco seems so fresh in the sealed bags when I receive them and I love and enjoy the taste of this selection. Very satisfied and pleased.

by Norman on 11/8/2015

Red river smooth tobacco


This is the only tabacco I have used for the last 6 years , and the only one I will use. It has a great taste.

by Gerald on 7/18/2014

Marsha King


Great tobacco for a reasonable price!

by Marsha on 6/18/2014



Great tobacco and service.

by Charlie on 6/4/2014



I love the taste and texture of the tobacco, suits me just fine.

by Norman on 6/2/2014

Great Tobacco


Thsi tobacco has a great flavor and texture.

by Kim on 5/19/2014

Red.River Smooth


This tobacco is great, price is great for this bag. Tastes like a more expensive tobac, good draw and mild with good flavour. Stuffs well too. If a good value and a little burley in your smoke, then give this Red River try.

by Peter on 5/13/2014

Red River Tobacco


I love the smooth flavor of Red River.

by Mary on 4/7/2014

Like It


The tobacco is very very good will be buying some more soon.

by George on 3/20/2014



Very happy with tobacco. Red river smooth is not to strong. We order the 16oz bags. That makes alittle over 2 cartons. Plus the service is great, fast and right too you door! Also like the Zen filters, plus 250 per box. They burn slow and even. Thanks L. Davis

by Linda on 3/16/2014



Been ordering this tobacco for years.

by Claudette on 3/14/2014

I Prefer Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco


I Recently Ordered 2 1lb bags of Red Rivers Smooth Pipe Tobacco With Somewhat of a minor disappointment. I bought this tobacco for my beretta blue tubes. The tobacco tastes and smokes smoothly, but has somewhat of a harsh/spicy inhale on my tongue. The feeling I get isn't like when you take a full inhale of smoke that's felt in the back of your mouth. When your inhaling it's really smooth up until the end of your draw when you feel it on your tongue. I get this feeling more when I don't pack my cigarettes tight (when the tobacco isn't all the way packed at the filter) . Overall It's a OK tobacco but I Also Think everyone has their own preferences and this is just not for me. I'm actually thinking of doing a 25/75 blend of Red River/Cherokee Mellow for more complexity in flavors. My perspective, If your a 555/Dunhill smoker give these a try you might like it , but if your a Marlboro Light/Red smoker give the Cherokee a shot. As for me when i bought $6 a pack cigarettes (San Jose,CA prices as of now! Higher If you smoke Ports or 555's) I loved smoking 555's, and Lights/Reds ,but my taste buds say go Cherokee on this one or maybe blend them. Hey if you want smoke straight Red River Smoke go for it but if your new to RYO cigarettes give both a shot plz :] P.S. I shoot my tubes with a Powermatic II

by Brandon on 5/10/2014

i would buy this product again


my wife regular smoker and she use every day

by tolik33 on 1/20/2014
Red River pipe tobacco is a quality brand that is manufactured by Global Tobacco. This splendid blend of tobacco is available in 3 amazing flavors that include natural, regular, and aromatic. It can be purchased in one pound bags or other quantities to meet all needs and budgets. Here at BNB Tobacco we offer fast shipping and great prices, so you will get a ton of value and a pleasurable smoke when you shop with us for all of your Red River pipe tobacco needs. This blend is slow burning, and it is made using a blend of premium tobaccos.
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