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RYO Injectors

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RYO (also called Roll-your-own cigarettes ) refer to cigarettes made from loose tobacco and rolling paper. The BNB Tobacco RYO assorted machine injectors are designed for use with cigarette filtered tubes. They range in style from a slide style hand injector to a table top machine injector and finally the electric machine injectors. These provided the added convenience to make your own filtered cigarettes.

New Machine

Based on 24 reviews

After two years of service from a Top-O-Matic making two packs a day I decided that it was time to get a new one. These are dependable workhorses for those who smoke a lot.

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This Machine Rooks !!

Based on 17 reviews

This machine works like a charm. You will know how to use in minutes. It works everytime. Very Good design. Large hopper. Well Built. Roll a Carton in 30 min or less.

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T2 Cigarette Machine

Based on 17 reviews

it is a good machine.i looked on you tone for witch machine i would buy and i'm not disappointed.

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Gambler Rocks!

Based on 14 reviews

I knew I could count on this machine before I even got it! It has never messed up and it very well built too.

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Excellent machine, made well.

Based on 10 reviews

I had a plastic version of this I used for 15+years. It finally broke beyond repair, so I ordered this model, which is all metal. I am sure this one will last even longer!

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Pleased Customer.....Here!

Based on 6 reviews

Love it and the tobacco is so much smoother than brand cigs...and of course no comparison cost wise.

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Based on 5 reviews

bnb is the greatest

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Gambler TubeCut Handheld Machine

Based on 4 reviews

Good product, easy to use.

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Laramie Shoot-O-Matic

Based on 4 reviews

Spend a few dollars more and buy Topps!!!!!! This Machine is Junk, it feels rough like it has already rolled Ten Thousand Cigarettes. I will never ever get another one, It's Topps from now on......

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This is my roller of choice

Based on 4 reviews

WORKS simplecan buy parts last foreverit will pay for its self many times over|Things that are bad they wear out after a many thousand smokes. Lol

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