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RYO Injectors

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RYO (also called Roll-your-own cigarettes ) refer to cigarettes made from loose tobacco and rolling paper. The BNB Tobacco RYO assorted machine injectors are designed for use with cigarette filtered tubes. They range in style from a slide style hand injector to a table top machine injector and finally the electric machine injectors. These provided the added convenience to make your own filtered cigarettes.

Excellent machine

Based on 10 reviews

I have found this machine to be the best. It is very reliable, easy to use, very good price especially for this good quality machine. I do recommend that every 10 cigs to to "crank it out" with no tobacco to clean the chamber especially if you are rolling menthol.

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Gambler Rocks!

Based on 14 reviews

I knew I could count on this machine before I even got it! It has never messed up and it very well built too.

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Excellent machine, made well.

Based on 10 reviews

I had a plastic version of this I used for 15+years. It finally broke beyond repair, so I ordered this model, which is all metal. I am sure this one will last even longer!

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The best bang for your BUCK

Based on 7 reviews

I tried a half dozen injectors before I got my Mikromatic. If you do like the instructions tell you'll have no problems cranking a a carton of smokes in a little over an hour. Yep, this one is my pick of the litter....

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Gambler TubeCut Handheld Machine

Based on 6 reviews

Good product, easy to use.

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T2 Cigarette Machine

Based on 6 reviews

it is a good machine.i looked on you tone for witch machine i would buy and i'm not disappointed.

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Based on 5 reviews

bnb is the greatest

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Based on 2 reviews

I appreciate how fast and prompt i received my order,and it is of top quality products with fantastic prices,I will recommend you to all friends and family. you have cut my tobacco prices i usually spend a month by a 4th.thank you so much. I will be making more purchases every month. would also like to receive coupons and specials from you too,I live on a fixed income and i am so glad a friend told me about you......

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Delayed shipment

Based on 3 reviews

I cannot write a review as for some reason my order has been delayed and I have not received it yet. I am not happy with how long my order is taking to be delivered and no one can seem to give me a reason as to why it is being delayed.

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Premier Excel injector machine!

Based on 2 reviews

This is a quality injector machine but the Premier EXP1000 is by far a better buy for the same price since it is a little smaller and easily portable to roll up some smokes when your out and about. This also draws attention of other smokers so you can tell them how to get started and save a tremendous amount of money and enjoy a smooth, virtually chemical free smoke!

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