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That is why when it comes to RYO, we have one of the largest selections of RYO tubes, injectors, and accessories for anyone that wants to save money by switching to RYO. Top brands that we carry include Zen, Gambler, Good Times, Zig Zag, Beretta, Premier and more for rock bottom prices every day of the week! In addition to RYO products, we also have a large selection of cigarettes, discount pipe tobacco, hookahs, premium cigars, and other quality tobacco related products. There are tons of companies on the web that offer tobacco related supplies, but few that will give you superb customer service, fast shipping times, and the same premium products for the discount prices you will find when you shop at BnB tobacco. RYO is the way to go if you want to save as much as 40% off of what it would cost you to buy a regular pack of brand name smokes. You still get the same smooth rich taste that you would get from a brand name smoke, and you still get the same level of burn time. RYO is becoming the new trend among thousands of smokers that want to save money, so try it out for yourself to see why everyone is doing it!

Top Reviewed RYO Tubes/Paper Brands

Top Reviewed RYO Tubes/Paper


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Former Gambler returns to old stomping grounds.

Based on 29 reviews

"Gambler Cigarette Tobacco" was my preferred brand (twenty years ago, or thereabouts). I was surprised recently to find it also comes in a pipe tobacco blend. I have yet to try the current purchase as I am still enjoying a prior 1 lb. purchase of another brand purchased locally (from a retail tobacco outlet). Along with my recent purchase of the 1 lb. pkg. of "Gambler Pipe Tobacco" I also purchased a 1 lb. pkg. of "Cherokee Pipe Tobacco." It remains my intention to try the untested (Cherokee) brand prior to trying "Gambler" as the "Cherokee" also comes in a 5 lb. size. A 1 lb. pkg. of pipe tobacco generally last me between (6 to 8 weeks on average), so I don't expect I'll be opening the Gambler until sometime around mid July (possibly even August) of this year (2014). Ask my opinion again then if you like.

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Based on 26 reviews

I've been ordering from B N B for about a year now I love the products and the price.

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better filter

Based on 25 reviews

filter is longer

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