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RYO Tubes/Paper

Due to the increase in taxes on cigarettes, more and more people are starting to roll their own. At BnB Tobacco, we understand that saving money can really go a long way in today’s times. That is why when it comes to RYO, we have one of the largest selections of tubes, injectors, and accessories for anyone wishing to save money by switching to RYO. Top brands include Zen, Gambler, Good Times, Zig Zag, Beretta, Premier and more – all at bottom-dollar prices, everyday!

Top Reviewed RYO Tubes/Paper Brands

Top Reviewed RYO Tubes/Paper

These are the best RYO/ ...

Based on 23 reviews

These are the best RYO/ MYO tubes in my opinion. I have gone through three cartons of them, and they work really well with my Top-o-matic. They provide a good packed smoke that smokes very smooth yet full of flavor. I use them with several different types of tobacco and I love them. These are my favorite and I can't wait untill they start to make a menthol version... It's coming soon on the website.

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Unique, Clean burning, affordable tubes!

Based on 14 reviews

Awesome looking affordable tubes, haven't had one run on me yet. They are very unique, so unique that people WILL notice you smoking them, compliment your taste, then tell you to pick all you butts off the work parking lot haha.

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Great Value

Based on 11 reviews

Use these tubes for making cigarettes. So far I haven't had any faulty tubes.

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The Best Filter

Based on 9 reviews

The best roll your own filter. I've used Top and Gambler before and I find these are far better.

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Another great RYO tube from Beretta

Based on 8 reviews

This tube is great, just like the other Beretta Tubes. These tubes are lighter than the Beretta Orignal tubes, but not by a whole light. they are stronger than a gambler or zigzag, but lighter than a Zen. I have tried zen, gambler, premier, zig zag, and top tubes. Of all of those, beretta is by far the BEST.

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