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RYO Tubes/Paper

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Due to the increase in taxes on cigarettes, more and more people are starting to roll their own. At BnB Tobacco, we understand that saving money can really go a long way in today’s times. That is why when it comes to RYO, we have one of the largest selections of tubes, injectors, and accessories for anyone wishing to save money by switching to RYO. Top brands include Zen, Gambler, Good Times, Zig Zag, Beretta, Premier and more – all at bottom-dollar prices, everyday!

Zen Blue tubes

Based on 20 reviews

love these tubes

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Based on 20 reviews

Thank you for your fast and correct service. Your prices and products are fantastic and save me several hundred dollars a month. I used to buy cartons of cigarets from local tobacco stores and i paid over 160.00 a month,now with your roll your own products i spend around 50 dollars every 4 to 6 weeks and the tobacco is so smooth and its so easy and fast to do it myself. Thank you so much, because i live on a small fixed income because I`m disabled and your company saves me a great deal.I have made 3 separate orders with you and will continue to do so every month so thank you. P. S. i would be grateful for any coupons on the tobacco I order when you may have some in.

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I'll never smoke cigarettes again! BnB's the Best!

Based on 19 reviews

I only smoke my own self-rolled full-flavor cigarettes now, buying my quality tobacco from BnB. I love their site, the immense variety of good offered, and the "Good Stuff", which is the best. BnB is pricey, though, if you want your order shipped quickly. Otherwise, it takes about a week after ordering to receive it, and I'm all set!

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Great product

Based on 15 reviews

These tubes are great! I feel they are better then the Gambler which is what I was using before.

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Best in the West

Based on 15 reviews

The Zen tubes are great. What's even better are the people at BnB. Contact them if you are not happy with anything and they will fix the problem. I have been buying from them for years and I'm 2000 miles away. These folks are really good. Try some of their cigars, they are also awesome and at a smokin price!

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Excellent quality....

Based on 12 reviews

Have been using them for the past two years..... Love their consistent quality and strength......

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Zen Menthol 100s Tubes

Based on 12 reviews

These are the best tubes to use.

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Cherokee Tobacco & Zen Filter Tubes

Based on 7 reviews

I recently purchased Cherokee mellow blend tobacco and Zen filter tubes. I used to smoke Basic light cigarettes, and after reading the reviews on Cherokee mellow blend tobacco decided to try it with the Zen filter tubes. I am amazed at the great flavor, and nice hit I get from this tobacco. So happy that BnB carries it. I also contacted customer service through email, and I was surprised at how quickly BnB responded. I am so glad I found BnB online. Everything I ordered was delivered to me on time. Thank you for the great products and wonderful service. I will be ordering from you again.

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Tubular and Very Cool!

Based on 5 reviews

These tubes work excellently well in both my little Rizla injector and my Premier Supermatic. Good value for the money as well.||I've been a user of tobacco for more than 45 years: pipes cancer sticks (can't say that other word here!) cigars shisha nasal snuff) but I have only recently given in to the lure of menthol and I prefer having it delivered in my filters and not my tobacco.

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