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Get a Punch of Flavor with Zen E-Liquid Contrary to popular belief, all e-liquids are not the same, and Zen e-liquid is a fine example of just how diverse they truly are. Zen e-liquid packs a punch of flavor that will tease your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Zen is known for their high quality products and affordability, so they are the perfect choice if you want high-end e-liquid to vape in style. The brand comes in numerous strengths and flavor varieties that include blue, green, red, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and white. These liquids can be used in any vaporizer or e-cig product.

Based on 86 reviews

Great Value

Based on 11 reviews

Use these tubes for making cigarettes. So far I haven't had any faulty tubes.

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The Best Filter

Based on 9 reviews

The best roll your own filter. I've used Top and Gambler before and I find these are far better.

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i have tried zig zag, ...

Based on 9 reviews

i have tried zig zag, gambler, and premier and finally settled on premier light tubes. but decided after reading the reviews, i would try these as my last option. but i am so glad i tried them, best tube out of all i tried, they smoke good, and roll in my injector just as good also. tube is made well, and taste good.

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Zen menthol

Based on 7 reviews

Great tubes!

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ty BNB for substituting ...

Based on 8 reviews

ty BNB for substituting ZEN tubes instead of the premium. I LOVE these tubes and will continue to order these. Thank you once again!

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Great supply option- outstanding product

Based on 6 reviews

Consistant quality product that has everything I look for in a cigarette tube. Consistant filter leangth to deliver the same taste from first to last. Consistant cut to easily fit machine and a bonus of 50 more per carton to make storage more compact. (six plus cartons in five cartons of space)

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Go to tubes.

Based on 7 reviews

The most neutral tasting of the many tubes I've tried. An everyday smoke that remains, as it should, in the background.

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Good quality

Based on 3 reviews

I like white tipped tubes and I like paper that isn't flimsy. I will buy always, white filters and sturdy paper tubes.

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Even though I don't ...

Based on 5 reviews

Even though I don't smoke, my boyfriend does and loves to roll his own. It's sometimes hard for him to find all the right stuff he needs for them, though, which is frustrating. When I found out BnB offered these menthol tubes, it was perfect. He's smoked all kinds before, but really loves the Zen Menthol King Tubes best. The whole store offers cost-effective smoking options, which is great when you love to smoke like he does but without a lot of cash. Definitely going to be buying this again.

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Based on 2 reviews

Paper is much higher quality than anything I've tried so far. The filter makes for a smooth cigarette!

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