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Aging Room Premium Cigars

Aging Room cigars are now in stock at BNB Tobacco! Each cigar, belonging to a limited batch, is created with a blend of distinctive and rare tobaccos, and then attentively finished with an aged wrapper for a genuine cigar experience.

Fashioned by premier cigar-craftsmen, Rafael Nodal and Jochi Blanco, these cigars present a striking profile of Dominican Republic products. While each batch boasts an individual mix of tobaccos, the product line is known for its suave and spicy flavor.

Aging Room presents smooth-flavored cigars such as the Quattro and the Havao. The Quattro presents a top-tier experience, with a medium-full, creamy flavor rife with peppery kicks. The wrapper, grown in Indonesia and aged appropriately, adds notes of butter and sweet cedar. A true boutique cigar, the Havao is pleasant for beginners but excellently refined for connoisseurs. It walks the smoker through an array of pepper, cream, and vanilla flavors.

Treat yourself to a timeless experience with one of these handcrafted masterpiece cigars!

Based on 1 review
Available Series: Sampler | Split Packs | Classic | Havao | Quattro |

Aging Room Cigars

Based on 1 review

First lighting was difficult. It seemed to want to burn down the center so I reclipped it and started again. The initial taste was wonderful. Dark and Earthy with an espresso taste. I wanted more right away but the burn issue was not helping. About half way through and being my third attempt to fix I just gave up. Started getting hot. I will give them some time in the humidor and see what happens.

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