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Chateau Arturo Fuente Cigars

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Four generations and over 100 years of expertise in making Arturo Fuente cigars are the keys to the superb character of their seven brands: Chateau Fuente, Gran Reserve, Hemingway, Añejo, Magnum, Don Carlos, and OpusX. All provide the smoker with consistently rich, sweet-earthy, sometimes spicy, sublime flavors and scents. It is evident the family business has quality and care at the forefront of their cigar production.

The family business began near Tampa with Cuban-grown tobacco. When the US embargo of Cuba required them to re-source cigar tobacco, farmers in the Dominican Republic came to the rescue; there are now 4-5,000 farmers of quality cigar tobacco. The Fuente family’s dedication to producing an excellent product has paid off. Even the artistic attention given to beautiful cigar labels is first-rate. Aficianados of fine cigars cannot go wrong by choosing Arturo Fuente.

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Being a fan of Dominican ...

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Being a fan of Dominican cigars, I decided to give Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Maduro cigars a test drive. When my package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the box. The flip top box makes storing these cigars easy. One thing I was not expecting was the ultra mild flavor. In past experiences, Dominican cigars have been a bit stronger. The cigars did have a fresh taste and shipping was quick. I plan on making another purchase for New Years celebrations.

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These cigars are great!!!

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These cigars are great, benefits of a spendy cigar for half the cost. Very well constructed as well. These cigars have class written all over them.

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