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Clementine Premium Cigars

Clementine cigars are premium, handmade cigars from Nicaragua. The Clementine product line ranges from mild to full-bodied cigars, perfect for any occasion or preference.

Clementine cigars are assembled by hand with long fillers. Your smoking experience can last and last as this cigar has an incredibly slow smoke time. The entire product line offers a plethora of choices for every level of cigar enthusiast.

Renowned for its smooth, consistent flavor and construction, these premium cigars are also readily affordable. Together with the extended burn and draw rate, this cigar is the best value for your cigar-buying money.

Clementine cigars offer such variety of flavor and smoking experience that they are easily the favorite choice for cigar aficionados of all levels and inclinations. Clementine cigars are a highly popular premium brand cigar that offers smokers a sublime smoking experience anytime, every time.

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I recently had to cut ...

Based on 1 review

I recently had to cut back my cigar budget and was very worried that I would have to either smoke less or buy bad cigars. Luckily I found this website where I could buy decent cigars at a good price. Now, don't get me wrong, these are not a replacement for the Cohibas and Alec Bradley's, but they are a good smoke for sure. BnB has gained a customer for life with their great service and fast shipping!

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I was wary about ordering ...

Based on 1 review

I was wary about ordering this product at first because it was something new and there are plenty of cigars on the BNB site that are cheaper, but I went ahead and ordered them anyway because they sounded like a good product. They were worth the price, but could have been a bit stronger. If you prefer a mild flavor, you'll love them. The natural flavor is nothing new, but the Clementine brand still makes great quality cigars. You can either spend your money on a low quality cigar or break the bank with expensive ones, but Clementine is right in between, where you buy quality cigars at a reasonable price.

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I've been looking into ...

Based on 1 review

I've been looking into getting cigars and these are the first type I've tried. They are decent to me but maybe that's because of my lack of knowledge on cigars. They are Nicaraguan made and provide a strong tobacco flavor. It was pretty strong on me at first but, now, I am used to it. The best side of this is that BnB sells it. They make sure your package is delivered and the price of these cannot be beat. BnB has taken off $10 dollars which makes it much better. I'd recommend this product to someone who is used to cigars as it may be very strong for someone who is just starting.

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If you are looking for a ...

Based on 1 review

If you are looking for a strong cigar that makes you feel like a man when smoking, try the Clementine Torpedo. It fits naturally in your hand and leaves a smoky taste in your mouth. The price is great and the shipping is quick; and, I must say, I had never been treated so well by customer service representatives until I found BnB.

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