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Cohiba Premium Cigars

BnB Tobacco is adding to its arsenal of excellence with Cohiba cigars! These highly requested cigars are enjoyable for aspiring smokers and deliver a pinnacle smoke for cigar buffs around the world.

Their eminence derives from a world-class mix of Dominican-grown Cuban-seed and Indonesian filler that is finished with a sweet-flavored Cameroon wrapper with a Cuban character. The rich taste evolves throughout the life of the cigar, providing a provocative experience and savory aroma. The exclusive palate shapes the unique experience, but what really polishes off this cigar is its strength—a medium burn with a creamy-soft smoke.

For a genuine Cuban-cigar experience, purchase a Red, Black, or small cigar pack today at BNB Tobacco. These premium cigars, with an exquisite blend of rare tobaccos, are worth every cent!

Based on 10 reviews
Available Series: Split Packs | Black | Red | Small Cigars |

Bought and tried the ...

Based on 4 reviews

Bought and tried the Cohiba Black Pequenos tin and found them very appealing. The cigars are made in the Dominican Republic and have a nice, rich flavor, but it doesn't have a sweet taste, just mellow and earthy, with a hint of oiliness that I like my cigars to have. Little cigars are one of those small pleasures in life. I would definitely purchase from BnB Tobacco again because I like the product as well as the prices.

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I was surprised to see ...

Based on 3 reviews

I was surprised to see these Cohiba miniatures on sale for such a low price. I am used to paying so much more for these finely made cigars. These little cigars are well crafted and use some of the finest tobacco I have ever had the opportunity to smoke. The aging of the tobacco can be clearly experienced when smoking these; you can tell a lot of thought has gone into these fine little cigars. The fine people at BnB were great and helpful for me when I placed my order. I received my package in amazing time. All this was a around a great experience.

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Ek19JS , ...

Based on 3 reviews

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