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Don Tomas Premium Cigars, Premium Cigars

Don Tomas embodies the time-honored tradition of Honduran cigar making. These well-made cigars are very affordable and have a draw and burn that teeters on the edge of perfection.

This classic, full-flavored Honduran cigar is medium-bodied with incredible aromas of sweet spice. Each cigar offers a rich blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco fillers, well blended to provide a creamy, smooth, toasted pine flavor.

Don Tomas cigar wrappers conveniently come in your choice of U.S. Connecticut Maduro and Honduran Havana-seed Natural. The Maduro wrapper offers a sweeter taste that is more robust.

This lightly and consistently veined cigar has a medium amount of firmness. These cigars are the ideal indulgence for the smoker who seeks a rich taste at an affordable price.

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Available Series: Clasico | Special Edition |

Essays like this are so ...

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Essays like this are so ipmotrant to broadening people's horizons.

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I rarely purchase premium ...

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I rarely purchase premium cigars. I saw these Don Tomas Clasico Allegro Tubos for $69.99 marked down from $74.99 and had to try them. These cigars which are made in Honduras are amazing. They are so smooth and taste like they are perfectly blended. The cigar paper burns smooth and is made of quality paper. I recommend the Don Tomas Clasico Allegro Tubos

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As someone that smokes ...

Based on 1 review

As someone that smokes cigars regularly, I can't recommend the Don Tomas Presidente 25ct Box of cigars enough. It has a decent price and the cigars are top notch. They are medium strength and I could stand for full strength, but they are still good cigars. The best part is the sweet spice you get at the end. These are such smooth and rich cigars. I just wish there were more than 25 in the box.

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