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Cigarillos Dutch Masters Machine Made Cigars

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Dutch Masters is America’s number one preferred choice in cigars, and has been sold in country since 1911. Dutch Masters are known for their smoothness, mature flavors, mild aroma and very comfortable burn. Dutch Masters have a very large selection of flavors that will suit even the most acquired tastes.

The quality that is Dutch Masters come from the tobacco, a Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed wrapped in Cameroon wrapper leaves. Dutch Masters cigars are for the knowledgeable and critical cigar smokers that want their cigars made from the finest and most mature tobacco available.

The rich history of Dutch Masters means that today the company has acquired an unsurpassed expertise in cigar making. If you want nothing but the best, made by one of the original pioneers in the market, Dutch Masters is the choice for you.

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These cigars have ...

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These cigars have incredible flavor that really comes out when smoked. I knew I was getting a popular and quality cigar when I purchased this, but the reviews were right-it's awesome! It has a great nutty flavor and smell that I really enjoy and goes equally well sitting around with friends or enjoying a cigar after a hard day. As always, the buying experience was easy. The site does a great job at making your purchasing decisions easy and the checkout process painless. What a great product-I will be back for more!

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I have been smoking Dutch ...

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I have been smoking Dutch Masters Palmas for a long time. I settled on smoking the Cigarillo Palmas and this will be my cigars for yeasr to come. If you want a fine smoking cigar that doesn't get hot or harsh at the end this is it. I've smoked cigars a lot of years, all brands, high quality, but these Dutch Masters Cigarillo Palma's are hands down the best and GREAT price.

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I rarely purchase premium ...

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I rarely purchase premium cigars. I saw these Dutch Masters Cigarillos Vanilla for $16.99 marked down from $19.99 and had to try them. These cigars which are machine made are amazing. They are so smooth and taste like they are perfectly blended. Great deal and great service; BnB always delivers!

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Stay Blazin'

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Monica, I think you may have just got a bad box. Every time I order these, they come nice and fresh. I have been rolling and smoking these for years now; everyday pretty much. I have also tried many types of cigars and these by far are the slowest burning and you actually get the taste of whatever you put inside, the flavor of the paper doesn't take over.

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I have tried Dutch Master ...

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I have tried Dutch Master Cigarillos before and am a huge fan of chocolate. However, I found the mixture of the two to be too much for me. On a positive note, my friend absolutely loved them, so I gave them to him. These are good, but may not be for everyone. Although I was not a fan of the product, the service at BnB was excellent. The pricing was reasonable and shipping was good. Although this was not for me, it is worth trying out.

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When I was about 5; I ...

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When I was about 5; I would love to take a nice grape Kool-Aid break. I have evolved over the years, and now I enjoy taking a nice cigar break. One of my favorite cigars for a quick break are cigarillos. They are small and can be smoked quickly. Saving time and money, because you can still take a luxurious break without having to spend half the afternoon doing so. These Dutch Masters Grape Cigarillos have a slight scent of grape, that reminds me of times when I was a kid, leaving a faint grape scent on my lips.

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This product is just right for me

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I don't have time for hand wrapped cigar, so this is just right for me twice a day.

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Even the name strawberry ...

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Even the name strawberry conjures visions of juicy, red fruit that is just ripe for the eating. I love the look, smell, and taste of strawberry. I also love Dutch Masters Cigarillos, and the strawberry flavored cigarillos are a nice change of pace. They have a faint scent of strawberry, that is similar to kissing a girl wearing strawberry scented Chap-Stick. Did I mention that these also bring back good memories? Another plus is that the scent won't annoy outdoor neighbors or get you in trouble with the better half. A nice way to take a short break and have a smoke.

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