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Coronas Dutch Masters Machine Made Cigars

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Dutch Masters is America’s number one preferred choice in cigars, and has been sold in country since 1911. Dutch Masters are known for their smoothness, mature flavors, mild aroma and very comfortable burn. Dutch Masters have a very large selection of flavors that will suit even the most acquired tastes.

The quality that is Dutch Masters come from the tobacco, a Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed wrapped in Cameroon wrapper leaves. Dutch Masters cigars are for the knowledgeable and critical cigar smokers that want their cigars made from the finest and most mature tobacco available.

The rich history of Dutch Masters means that today the company has acquired an unsurpassed expertise in cigar making. If you want nothing but the best, made by one of the original pioneers in the market, Dutch Masters is the choice for you.

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Since 1911, Dutch Masters ...

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Since 1911, Dutch Masters has been marketing sports cigars that come in fifty- count boxes. They come in all kinds of flavors, which is attractive for those who wish to enjoy the sweet aroma and smoke at the same timeÑ and those flavors include honey. The flavor is sweet enough to provide the smoker with satisfaction, but not strong enough to overwhelm that of the tobacco itself. They may not be perfectÑ no cigar ever isÑ but once you start smoking these honey cigars, you will never want to stop. If anyone were to ask me if I recommend this product, I would answer with a definite YES.

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I truly enjoy the Dutch ...

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I truly enjoy the Dutch Masters cigars I get from BnB Tobacco. Not only are the prices great, but these cigars have a smooth, sweet flavor. When my wife surprised me with a box of Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed them. Now Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe from BnB Tobacco is on my permanent gift wish list!.

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I first tried one of ...

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I first tried one of these cigars from one of my best friends. The strawberry flavor was sweet and delicious. It was not super unnatural like many other artificially flavored cigars. These cigars are so good I need to stock up! do yourself a favor and try them out, you will never leave them!

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You know what you are ...

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You know what you are getting when you buy a Dutch Master cigar. A great little smoke with a whole lot of flavor. Personally, I love to smoke these strawberry flavored ones. Every Friday night is poker night at my house and these always make an appearance. They are inexpensive and easy to smoke. Every time I order them from BnB Tobacco. Mainly because of the prices and the ease of ordering. I can also track my order so I know when it will arrive. Strawberry Dutch Masters and BnB Tobacco make the perfect combination for poker night.

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I rarely purchase premium ...

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I rarely purchase premium cigars. I saw these Dutch Masters Corona Grape 4x5 Pk for $19.99 marked down from $22.99 and had to try them. These cigars which are machine made are amazing. They are so smooth and taste like they are perfectly blended. The cigar paper burns smooth and is made of quality paper with a great flavor. I recommend the Dutch Masters Corona Grape 4x5 Pk. Really quick shipping on this product.

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I remember the first time ...

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I remember the first time I tried a Dutch Master Corona Deluxe cigar in the natural flavor. It was right after the birth of my son and I wanted to pass out some quality cigars to all of my friends. Prior to this I had only tried the chocolate flavored ones that were a bit too sweet for my tastes, but the natural flavored ones were amazing and my friends were equally impressed. I don't think the whole experience would have been as good without the help of BnB Tobacco, though, because they made my cigar purchase both cheap and easy. Thanks, BnB Tobacco for making my special event even better!

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