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Game Machine Made Cigars

One of the oldest makers of machine-made cigars in the United States, Garcia y Vega introduced Game cigars in 2007. These cigars offer a strong profile and medium-bodied, flavorful taste. Game cigars contain fillers from three different countries, all neatly wrapped in candela and Sumatra natural leaf wrappers.

These mild cigars are available as either a cigarillo or a Palma and come in several flavors. Cigarillos are available to purchase in grape, green candela, sweet, vanilla and white grape, while Palmas’ flavors include green candela, peach, vanilla and white grape.

A lightly complex, smooth-tasting cigar, Game cigars come as a box of 25 individually wrapped cigars, perfect to pass around to celebrate with friends or just sit back and relax after a long day at work.

Based on 25 reviews
Available Series: Cigarillos | Palmas |

Game palmas has always ...

Based on 9 reviews

Game palmas has always been one of my favorite cigar brands; however, I have generally tended to stick with the White Grape flavor as it has always been my scent of choice. Trying to venture and explore more options, I decided to purchase the Game Palmas vanilla from BnB tobacco. Great, great, great, choice! I now have a new favorite scent, and you can't go wrong with BnB tobacco who always gives you a great deal, great selection, and quick and convenient shopping online. I will definitely be getting this product again in the future along with the White Grape flavor as well!

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Taste like pancakes

Based on 3 reviews

Burns slow smells and tastes like pancakes great quality cigarillo

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I found this unique ...

Based on 3 reviews

I found this unique flavor to be very interesting. I went with these ones because the price was right. I couldn't argue with a 40 count box for under $40. The mild flavor was overpowering and I would suggest these to those who enjoy flavored cigars. The white grape is a tasty flavor to order and I would also recommend the wine flavored cigars from the Game Palmas brand. I still haven't tried the peach, but I'm sure it is just as great as the white grape, and I'm looking forward to ordering it from this company.

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Based on 1 review


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Loved them all. Smooth and good taste

Based on 1 review

Love the flavor and taste. Very smooth and mild.

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This little cigar really ...

Based on 2 reviews

This little cigar really hits the spot when you are looking for a quick smoke. The white grape flavor is pretty good and the cigars are easy to smoke. I keep these at work for smoke breaks, and since they are so inexpensive I share them with co-workers. Most people really enjoy these smooth little cigars. BnB Tobacco offers them at such a low price it is easy to keep myself fully stocked. Their customer service is really good too. I will continue to order these smokes from BnB for many years to come.

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I love trying new kinds ...

Based on 2 reviews

I love trying new kinds of mild cigars, I was hesitant because of the price but glad I did order these with some other things I ordered. The green Palmas has a distinct and wonderful aroma for the cigar aficionado. I guess you could compare them to a lite maduro which are awesome in themselves. BNB is a great place to try new cigar types.

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You're the gersatet! JMHO

Based on 1 review

You're the gersatet! JMHO

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