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Griffin's Premium Cigars

BNB Tobacco’s Griffin’s cigars are an all-natural cigar made in the Dominican Republic. They are very popular and have a mild flavor that allows them to be easily smoked and enjoyed, even by casual cigar smokers.

Though affordable, these cigars have a very earthy feel that makes them taste like a more expensive cigar. Many smokers notice the undertones of cedar and the hint of cinnamon. They produce a good amount of smoke, giving you a full and enjoyable experience.

These cigars also have a great price point that, when combined with the smooth and mild smoke, makes them the perfect choice for daily smokers. You won’t feel weighed down after finishing one. Try a box of Griffin’s cigars and you’re sure to become a fan!

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I have smoked a lot of ...

Based on 1 review

I have smoked a lot of cigars in the past. However, many of them were to strong for me. I was browsing the internet one day and ran across Thanks to them I realized that cigars come in many different strengths. I ordered these cigars and was very surprised at the difference. These have a mild flavor and a very earthy feel. I will be ordering more in the near future.

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I just bought the ...

Based on 1 review

I just bought the Griffin's No 500 Tubos 20 count box from BNB tobacco. I like to enjoy a cigar at the end of the day, occasionally, and these products are my new favorites. They feature an excellent taste that hass undertones of cinnamon and cedar. These products originate in the Domincan Republic according to the BNB Tobacco web site where I bought them. I was surprised at the quality of these cigars. When I first tried my new cigars, I was immediatley impressed by their strength and aroma. The flavor is rich and earthy, and I truly enjoyed this cigar. They produce an abundance of smoke that is rich and satisfying. I was also impressed by the reliability and service that was provided by BNB Tobaccos. They answered all of my questions, and my cigars were shipped out immediately. I had them in three days, and I was surprised.

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All I can say about the ...

Based on 1 review

All I can say about the Griffinos cigarillos is ÒWow!Ó This purchase cannot be beat! Flavor, shape, and smell are great,and the price is excellent, a happy camper definitely.

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