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Gurkha Premium Cigars

The world’s most expensive cigar is the Gurkha ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ limited edition. This cigar features Dominican fillers and binders, a Connecticut shade wrapper and a special, secret method infusion of Louis VIII Cognac.

A single cigar sells for $850, and a box sells for $15,000. These were a favorite cigar of Bill Clinton’s during his two presidential terms. Do you remember the story involving a cigar that broke during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Of course you do. Well, it was in fact a Gurkha ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ cigar that was used.

Here at BNB Tobacco we don’t carry this limited edition item, but we do carry other Gurkha series of cigars. Gurkha is famous in the cigar world for its unique and innovative packaging. Each of their cigars has a very distinctive flavor, primarily because the company uses tobacco that is sourced from South America, the Caribbean, South Asia and Africa.

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Available Series: Split Packs | Assassin | Evil | Ninja |

Girkha NINJA knocks it out of the park

Based on 1 review

I don't believe that there is anything left to say about it after I gave it my 1st 5 star rating ever

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Gurkha Ninja Knife

Based on 1 review

Excellent. Received the box in 4 days!

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