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Java by Drew Estates for Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Java by Drew Estates for Rocky Patel cigars are unique and refined. The sweet and aromatic coffee scents make this an incredible treat for special occasions or for the devout coffee and cigar enthusiast. These cigars are reasonably affordable for the daily smoker; however, their uniqueness lends to the image of its being more of a leisure pursuit. This cigar is best when relaxing in the summertime afternoon during a BBQ or for social functions with friends.

The wrappings for these cigars are infused with java and mocha. The end is sugarcoated to make your first puff sweet and tantalizing. Drew Estates binds the cigar into a perfect square tube with just enough give to know it’s not packed with fillers.

The flavor of Java by Drew Estates for Rocky Patel cigars is intense, but refined. It starts off sweet but with a slight peppery aftertaste. As you continue to smoke these gorgeous cigars, you will notice the java and mocha flavors build.

The tobacco and coffee aroma mix of this cigar is manly without being rough. The scent is strong with just enough of a hint of sweetness. These cigars are meant to be savored and will not burn out quickly.

These exceptional cigars are a slight variation of the original Rocky Patel brand. Its aromatic java infused tobacco will entice and enthrall you.

Based on 27 reviews
Available Series: Split Packs | 58 The Super | Classic | Mint |

Super flavor - latte!

Based on 5 reviews

Love the latte flavor.

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Awesome smoke

Based on 4 reviews

Really surprised! My wife bought me one for a Christmas stocking stuffer and I put off smoking it because it was mint. Mint may not sound very appealing but trust me you will not be disappointed.One of the best I've smoked. Think of chocolate mint girl scout cookies.

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Simple Review

Based on 4 reviews

I found this product through a friend and we bought a box between us. This site had the best prices that I could find on the net, so I took a chance. I am still happy to have found this site, and I have recommended it to several other people. Smoke em if you got em! Chas

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It's NOT the same as the ...

Based on 4 reviews

It's NOT the same as the Java wafe Maduro...not even close...I think I will give-up smoking . The wafe fit in the mouth very comfortably...easy draw...taste... de-li-ci-an-o.... Big mistake...Rocky Patel !! Chem-i-cals.....Chem-i-cals......

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Great smoke with a cup of coffee

Based on 3 reviews

Great taste, great draw and you will never know until you try one.

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LOVE These cigars!

Based on 2 reviews

excellent cigars - love them with a glass of iced coffee and a good book!

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Great Smoke, on of my favorites!

Based on 2 reviews

I prefer the light/medium flavor sigars, and this has been one of my favorites. With a mocha coffee taste and pleasant coffee-based aroma this cigar will provide yo with a mild smoke.

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Great Smoke

Based on 2 reviews

Great with a glass of whisky for a long relaxing smoke.

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Incredibly Delicious

Based on 1 review

Wonderful with any knind of coffe: American, Expresso, Latte, Cappuccino,etc. or instead of desert. Band sometimes sticks to cigar and tears the wrapper when removed.

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