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La Aroma de Cuba Premium Cigars

BnB Tobacco is proud to offer one of the premier cigars in the world, the famous La Aroma de Cuba brand. Cigars bearing the La Aroma de Cuba label have been prized among cigar aficionados for generations, and the brand remains just as popular among those in the know today. Carefully wrapped by hand using a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars have a medium to full bodied flavor that provides a bracing smoking experience.

The cigars from La Aroma de Cuba give you the feeling of being connected to a powerful tradition of quality and attention to the finer details. Though made by hand, their consistency is world famous, never once faltering in quality or varying in taste. La Aroma de Cuba is a great choice when you want a taste you can always rely on.

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Available Series: Split Packs | Classic | Mi Amor | Reserva |

a classice ashton family cigar

Based on 1 review

this is a classice tasting cigar from the ashton family with all the traits of ashton...a great taste that has become the trademark of all ashton family cigars...without doubt ashton makes great cigars this new line is a high quality cigar from end to end

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One of my favorite full bodied cigars!

Based on 1 review

I smoke everyday and this is a definite 'go to' cigar!

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