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Nat Sherman Premium Cigars

Nat Sherman is a brand of cigars that’s associated with quality and luxury. First crafted in the 1920s, Nat Shermans have since become a favorite among celebrities and high-profile individuals. These cigars hold a quality as rich as their brand’s history, with a wide variety of rich and creamy flavors, luxurious appearance, and the perfect construction. These cigars will please even the most discriminating cigar aficionado.

Finely handcrafted from the most luxurious Dominican tobacco you’ll find, Nat Sherman cigars carry the same prestigious quality found in the very first cigar they rolled in the 1920s. Light one up, kick back and relax as a few puffs take you through a luxurious, smooth smoke that’s certain to satisfy. Order a single or a box today, and experience this fine American tradition for yourself.

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Available Series: Split Packs | Classic | Host | Metropolitan |

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I am new to shopping for cigars on the internet, but I was told that you can find some great deals. I bought the sherman host hampton cigars and was very surprised at how great they were. They came in a wooden box that hides my cigars from the kids and adds a decorative appeal for my wife. Now the kids stay out of them and my wife doesn't complain that my cigars are laying around.

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Nat Sherman Hobart

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Consistently well built cigar.

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