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Padron Premium Cigars

Carefully handcrafted since 1964, Padrón cigars use 100% Dominican tobacco blends. These cigars are perfect for daily smokers as well as for special occasions. They come in a variety of series, each with their own distinct flavors and characteristics.

These cigars range in flavor based on their series. From a two-and-a-half-year aged spiciness to an excellent ten-year complex mellow, you cannot go wrong with them. One puff and you will never forget the name Padrón.

The distinctive body of these cigars is something you will cherish. Burning slow and long, each series has a unique, pleasant taste. While these are not your dollar-store cigars, anyone you share with will be impressed.

Padrón holds three Cigar of the Year awards from Cigar Aficionado and consistently places on the magazine’s Top 25 list. Many smokers consider Padrón’s Serie 1926 to be the best cigar money can buy.

Whether you are looking to smoke one every day or savor the complex aroma for weeks afterwards, the 100% Nicaraguan Padrón cigar is the way to go.

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Based on 1 review

Very,very nice! I Recomendation!

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Based on 1 review

How you use the product; SMOKE IT, VERY SLOW !!!! Things that are great about it; ALWAYS THE SAME-GREAT SMOKE Things that aren't so great about it; NOT EVEN GOING THERE !!!!!!

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Padron, one and only

Based on 1 review

great to wind down a busy day and enjoy a quality cigar

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