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Private Stock Premium Cigars

BNB Tobacco is happy to offer Private Stock cigars to cigar fans who know a great deal when they see it. Private Stock cigars provide a tremendous value for the money, making them an excellent choice for any occasion that demands both quality and affordability. They have a mild, yet rich, flavor that is pleasantly reminiscent of oak. Tightly rolled in a Connecticut shade wrapper, they provide an extremely even burn for a smoke that is always reliable.

Handmade in the Dominican Republic by the same company that produces the renowned Davidoff brand, Private Stock cigars provide an excellent smoking experience for a surprisingly affordable price. They are the perfect cigars to enjoy when taking an afternoon break to relax and reflect on the day, or to offer to guests when hosting a casual get together.

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My dad loves to smoke ...

Based on 1 review

My dad loves to smoke cigars after dinner. However, it is really hard to find cigars that are worth their price in my area. A friend recommended that I check He orders his cigars from them. Their prices seemed high at first, but I the Private Stock No. 11 Cigars anyway. I gave them to my dad for his birthday, he lit one right away. He says they are one of the best cigars he has ever had, and he has smoked a lot of cigars. He enjoys them a lot, I will be ordering another box very soon.

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I am a cigar smoker and ...

Based on 1 review

I am a cigar smoker and have been for many years. But when I found this company I decided to see what they offered. The prices were fine and the shipping promised quick delivery. I ordered a selection of fine Maduro cigars. The order arrived as promised, but I would have liked a little more protection on the wrapping. Still it was a good experience and the Maduros tasted great. I will continue to order from this company as they have sales and specials on my favorite cigar flavors and I recommend it to anyone trying cigars for the first time. You can never go wrong with a Maduro cigar.

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These are my every-day ...

Based on 1 review

These are my every-day go-to. For my money, there's no better Dominican cigar. I've paid the same amount for a single cigar as I've paid for this 25 pack, and I'd say these were almost on par with that exquisite cigar. The natural flavor is bold enough to get you the full experience of the Dominican tobacco and fillers but smooth enough that it doesn't overwhelm my senses. It may sound cheesy, but I just like holding these in my hand and smelling them because they're so well wrapped and made with such fragrant, high-quality leaves.

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The private stock number ...

Based on 1 review

The private stock number 5 cigars will provide you with a good smoke and good taste. It was an easy order form to follow when I decided to try this company and I was not disappointed with the results. They sent a good selection of fresh cigars I could enjoy. They were quick to respond and I am glad I chose to use them for the first time. I have my favorite cigars and I rarely switch, but this time the number 5 called to me and I decided to take advantage of the price they offered them for. Now I know I will order this cigar over and over again. Each pull is a smooth taste of smoke and scent. I can feel the stress of a hard day drain away when I stop for the night and light up for a final smoke before bed.

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