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White Owl Machine Made Cigars

White Owl cigars are one of the most popular brands of machine-rolled cigars available. With a wide variety of delicious flavors to please any palate, they are sure to quickly become one of your favorites as well. The smooth smoke, rich flavor, and pleasing aroma will convince you of why this is the brand of choice for so many cigar smokers.

White Owl is a classic brand dating all the way back to the 1800s. Along the way, they have developed a reputation for quality, and for good reason. With so many flavors to choose from, a nice slow burn, and the highest quality tobacco, White Owl cigars are perfect for any occasion.

BnB Tobacco features quality White Owl cigars, cigarillos, and blunts at the best price anywhere. Your tobacco is guaranteed to be fresh and you will find we provide the best customer service of any tobacco website!

Based on 25 reviews
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I recently bought White ...

Based on 7 reviews

I recently bought White Owl Blunts White Grape Box and I have to say, I am very pleased with the product. I wish the shipping was a bit cheaper, but I will be ordering from them again regardless. I am very happy that my friend recommended this site to me; I canÕt wait to try out their other products.

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This is the best ...

Based on 5 reviews

This is the best cigarillo ever !!!

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Surprisingly smooth cigar

Based on 1 review

This cigarillo has replaced the more expensive cigars I used to smoke. To my surprise it is as good tasting as a long leaf, good quality cigar. There is no bitter end or bad after taste. Goes great with wine or brandy. The only thing I do not like is that the tobacco falls out at the mouth end, so that a tip is absolutely necessary for me, otherwise I end up with pieces of tobacco in my mouth. I stole a tip from a friend's Black and Mild to solve the problem for now, but I am on a quest for a reuseable attractive tip. I love this Black Cigarillo.....too much. You will too.

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I have bought this product for years

Based on 1 review

always fresh wrapper

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These cigarillos are ...

Based on 3 reviews

These cigarillos are delicious. Never stale And very smooth. Tobacco shops have to charge a lot because of all Of the state tobacco when you buy it at a smoke shop you are not buying it wholesale

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There are very few ...

Based on 2 reviews

There are very few classics that can be had for reasonable prices. The Swedish manufactured Strawberry flavored White Owl Blunts is one of those rare items that are a classic and also reasonably priced. I enjoy the sweet but not overpowering strawberry flavor as well as the smooth flavor of the tobacco. I always try to be sure to have a box of these on hand whenever I and the guys get together. The customer support I received from BnB was top notch and helpful. I am so glad I ordered though them. Try some of these out today; I do not think you will be disappointed.

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I have always liked the ...

Based on 2 reviews

I have always liked the overall product of the White Owl cigars, but I have never really thought I would like a strawberry scent. Call me a typical guy, but this seemed a bit too girly for my taste. However, I was urged by a friend who loves these things to give it a try, so I did. They flavor is surprisingly light yet refreshing after all these years of having no added flavor to my cigar. I also like the convenience of the packs and the ability to get a 60 count in one purchase, which should last me for a while. BnB has a great selection and I will use again.

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The sweet taste of the ...

Based on 2 reviews

The sweet taste of the White Owl Blunts Grape cigars will make me a repeat customer. The grape taste is definitely there but the overall mildness of this cigar won me over. I was also pleased with the freshness of the cigar in its foil packaging. Overall, it's a great one to try for those who are looking for a flavorful blend that works.

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Hey, subtle must be your ...

Based on 1 review

Hey, subtle must be your mdidle name. Great post!

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I would buy this product again and again

Based on 1 review

Cigars are always fresh.

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