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Cigars, Pipe Tobacco, Little Cigars from Arrowhead, Griffin's, Largo

It's great for all around use

Based on 9 reviews

My wife like to roll her own cigarettes and my friend and me like it in our pipes. Smooth taste !

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Service and selection

Based on 8 reviews

The service and great products are available, sitting in your desk chair, just one click away!!!!!!!!

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Based on 6 reviews

I love the ease of ordering from BnB. Our order always arrives in a timely manner and is always correct.

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Great tabacco for a great price

Based on 6 reviews

this tobacco is great. I roll my own cigarettes and have tried other brands with problems ( dryness old couldn't roll in my machine). When I came across largo I was very happy great tobacco with no problems always fresh. Never have problems rolling with. This is my prefered brand and I am sticking with it.

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Griffin Toros

Based on 5 reviews

Great smoke that never disappoints! Medium to light in strength Always burns well

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smooth and full bodied

Based on 4 reviews

a better than average full bodied bite or edge.

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Bali Hai

Based on 3 reviews

GREAT price on these smokes, fast and ALWAYS accurate delivery.

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Consistent Great customer service!

Based on 3 reviews

BnB never lets me down. Orders are accurate and fast!

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I would buy this products again n again

Based on 2 reviews

I'm using this cigar for daily use and I recommend it for others to buy

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