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Swisher Sweets BLK Cherry TIP Cigarillos 60ct Bonus Box

Swisher BLK Cherry TIP Cigarillos

Retail: $33.99
You Save: $10.00
Product Information
At Last! Pipe Tobacco cigars made Swisher Sweet. Cherry BLK TIP Cigarillos is a fusion of hand-selected, air and fire cured tobaccos that deliver a sweet taste and SCENTsational aroma unlike any cigar you've ever experienced. Light up and see for yourself.
Brand: Type: Machine Made Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Series: Tip Cigarillos Strength: Mild
Flavor: Cherry Shape: Cigarillos Packaging: Box
Ring Gauge: 28 Length: 4 7/8
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Product seems to be fresh


Product seems to be fresh and the service good

by on

BLK Cheery


Good flavor at a great price.

by Benjamin on 5/16/2014




by Jim on 4/7/2014

Good little cigar for tip-chewing!


Good, inexpensive cigar for tip-chomping. Nice flavor. . . Great service from BnB Tobacco again; have shopped w/them before and will do so again, I'm sure.

by Thomas on 3/17/2014

Lower cost


The cost of them locally have come down, why are your prices not doing the same?

by Jo on 8/9/2014

Excellence in everythging EXCEPT


Standing monthly order is to be shipped on the FIRST of every month not the FIFTH?!? Other than that, you guys do a great job and it is a great product (made right here in Jacksonville Florida).

by L. J. on 3/14/2014

Love These Cigars and BnB!


I like the fact that they have great flavor and are alot cheaper than cigarettes.

by river_deb on 10/10/2012



I smoke them and I like them.

by River_Deb on 5/1/2012

Fantastic smoke


Great smoke mild flavor never lets me down.

by T-Bone on 4/14/2012

Pretty Good


Not too bad. I smoke them every day.

by Drew on 7/4/2013

Good product. Will purchase again.


I enjoy a few cigars a day.

by Crickrat on 5/23/2013

Product is excellent


This website is the only place I have been able to find these cigars.

by Dad on 4/9/2013

BLK Cherry


BLK Cherry have good flavor and are well constructed. Taste better then most cigars in this price range. Good buy for the money.

by Ben E. on 10/10/2012

I plan on buying these again


Love the quanity you get for the price.. could be a few cents cheaper but it equals to an estimated .46 cents per cigar.. The Cherry Tip is the best part wish the flavor lasted longer on the tip.

by Forgetfull on 10/9/2012

Great for a Quick Machine Smoke


These are typical swisher sweet. Easy to light easy to smoke relatively cheap. The thing that I like is the flavor from the pipe like tobacco. Makes them a touch better that the usual drug store cigarillo.

by daveyator on 4/20/2012

something wrong with ordering


Good product

by jonhu13 on 12/8/2013

Bad construction


I enjoy the cigars but did not like the fact that|the tips continuously came off.

by polish falcon on 4/20/2012

Have they changed ?


I use the product about 4 times a day. When I first started smoking it was a good cherry pipe tobacco. Over the past two years it seems like the cigar has lost its sweet draw it used to have.

by Jay the worker on 11/15/2013

Good price but not-so-good product!


Good pricing but poor quality item.

by MKH on 5/13/2013

Guilty Pleasure


I won't compare these to handmades like Rocky or Padron but as a machinemade it blows its competition out of the water at least for the most part - surprisingly since the rest of Swisher's products are garbage let-alone virtually any machinemade cigars (except for filtered cigars as cheap substitutes for cigarettes).||1. These have very little tongue-bite (unlike Middleton a.k.a. Pipe-Tobacco H

by Okayillgonow on 8/23/2012



It has such a smooth taste. I will buy this in a larger package and quit cigarettes to get these. It smells great and doesn't leave an aftertaste. Way better than a Black and Mild.

by SDG on 7/29/2012

BnB Tobacco is Top of the Line!


Price was incredibly affordable. Purchasing was easy and fast. Shipment was fast with effective wrap for the product. Usage: at least once per day for relaxation and smooth slow enjoyment. Who'd a thunk it?!? These are great tasting easy to smoke relaxing cigars. My daughter bought me one single cigar...and so far I've bought two boxes.

by Kitty on 4/13/2012

Great smoke


The smell is great When you smoke it taste great and has thick smoke, which I love. It burns really slow and stays fresh for a long time. Will buy again

by Tyhessia on 9/18/2014

Cheap easy smoking


These cigars are what they are but if you are just looking for a cheap after work cigar these do just fine I smoke a good quality hand rolled that I buy from an independent cigar shop near my home occasionally but for my everyday smoking experience the swisher black series are nice

by Jared G. on 10/18/2014

Amazingly Smooth


These are the best little cigars. They burn very slowly and offer an amazing flavor with a hint of cherry. I highly recommend these cigars to anyone. J-Los Angeles, California

by Jennifer on 12/21/2014

Great little cigars


These are great mild little cigars, my wife loves the smell. I only smoke these when I play cards at the club, they don't offend other folks with a strong smell, very mild. Thanks

by Norman on 1/12/2015

Great product and price


Pleased with the quality, price, and delivery.

by Stacey on 2/21/2015

Described on the online Urban Dictionary as “a damn good cigar,” Swisher Sweets is a hugely popular cigar brand offering a wide selection of your favorite cigar products. It is so popular that it is the most referenced cigar brand in pop culture, often popping up in songs, movies, and television shows.

From regular, toasted wood-flavored cigars, sweet and flavored cigarillos, mini-cigarillos, wood-tipped cigars, slims, and snuff to smokeless cigars and e-cigarettes, Swisher Sweets has it all. Their Regular cigars are mild but pleasantly punchy, while the flavored options are light and fruity, making for a highly enjoyable smoking experience that gently caresses the senses.

Swisher Sweets are available almost everywhere, making them the perfect cigar for regular smokers as well as those wanting to let loose every now and then. They are affordable too, with a box of five flavored Swisher Sweets cigarillos costing the same price as some other single cigars.

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