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Top O Matic Cigarette Making Machine

Top O Matic Cigarette Machine

Retail: $44.99
You Save: $5.00
Product Information
Top-O-Matic Cigarette making machine is a premium cigarette making machine made of heavy duty metal this injector is able to make both 100mm and King size cigarettes. Just add some tubes and tobacco and you're ready to go!
Brand: Type: RYO Injectors Manufacturer:
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New Machine


After two years of service from a Top-O-Matic making two packs a day I decided that it was time to get a new one. These are dependable workhorses for those who smoke a lot.

by on

Excellent machine


I have found this machine to be the best. It is very reliable, easy to use, very good price especially for this good quality machine. I do recommend that every 10 cigs to to "crank it out" with no tobacco to clean the chamber especially if you are rolling menthol.

by John on 11/26/2014

Exelent rolling machine


rolls nice cigarettes I can roll a carton in 11/2 hours

by Djsmore on 4/2/2013

Great product at a great price!


Never imagined a product like this existed! Used to buy cartons but now roll my own. The savings is great! I recommended this item to 3 other friends who bought one for themselves and are very happy! The product arrived the date promised too....wonderful!

by Tim on 4/2/2013

Top O Matic Cigarette Making Machine


I compared this product with others both electric and manual and this by far the best one to date. It's a little messy but it does the job

by Jay on 8/20/2012

Probably the gest there is


I've tried cheaper units. like the plastic version of this one. This one (so far) is the best I have ever used. Less effort more accurate solid metal. The only thing I do not like is the rubber tip that holds the paper tube on. Read the instructions and follow them. Do Not overpack or you will be sorry. Do not try to use damp tobacco. Just follow the instructions and just barely tamp any tobacc

by smokerzaq1234 on 4/29/2012

You won't be sorry with this one.


After doing a lot of research I decided to buy two of these machine"s. No regrets what so ever. I gave one as a gift to my daughter and she is crazy about it. We used all kinds of tubes with it and it works as smooth as silk.|Rugged construction too. It should last a long time.

by gotemsmokem on 8/20/2012

works great I love it


it just works great... takes me about an hour to roll a whole carton... I love it... after rolling a carton with a small plastic machine I didn't know if I wanted to keep doing RYO but with this machine I am totally hooked... I actually enjoy making my own smokes and saving money

by Jef the bassist on 6/20/2012

saves $$ works great


Works great just don't overfill the chamber or you'll have problems. Get a feel for how much tobacco to put in and you will be rolling a pack of smokes in about 5 minutes

by mike on 9/13/2012



Works real smooth. Havent had any problems!

by Lelia on 11/26/2014

Strait Forward Easy To Use Machine


My first purchase was bying the kit witch included the machine tubes and tobaco. Duing shipment the machine moved around and damaged a lot of the tubes. I contacted coustomer service and told them about the damaged tubes. They asked me to take a picture of the almost 200 damaged tubes that could not be used. I did this a very quickly received a credit twards my next order. One sugestion I would

by Bomber1955 on 8/20/2012

The way to go.......


Normally gets daily use... it is nice to have....||Must have good tobacco in order to get good use....

by Babsline713 on 9/19/2013



Well I got my top-o-matic as a used unit the guy had it for 4 years when he gave it to me then he went and bought a new one I have been using it over a year now no problem Now what I do is stack tobacco on top of it and just slide some over to the camber I don't pack it push it down or anything like that I roll shorts and I don't use the adapter after I slide the tobacco in the slot I work a

by The_jackyl on 8/4/2012

This product is very good.


Works great and good delivery service.

by jim on 8/25/2012

TopOMatic best among manual injectors


This machine makes it about as easy as possible to create your own cigarettes. I use it with pipe tobacco because it saves a lot of money over store bought cigs. It's mechanically sound and very simple to use.

by FlGrandmother on 4/2/2013

top o matic


excellent machine i have used it for 6 years,only trouble is one spring breaks i ordered more springs now no problems

by larry on 4/26/2014

Top O Matic machine


Very simple and easy to use. Works great!

by Adrian on 6/23/2014

The one that WORKS!


I've purchased two "Shooters" locally and neither of them worked. This is the first one that did and it hasn't missed a lick so far!

by HillBilly on 12/7/2013

So far so good!


I had used the Top II and only have use the reg. Top rolling machine and so far I'm happier with this machine. If it last as longer then the other then this one is for me!

by CJ on 10/26/2013

top o matic cigarette machine is the best!!


this machine is awesome,smooth,easy,and cuts time compared to my old machine.packs your smokes very tight!! buy one you will see the difference!!

by danny J. on 12/2/2014



excellent machine! very happy even though I have electric one twice more money - I 'like this one better! Also excellent service, will definitely buy again and again! thank you for taking good care of your customers

by Elvira on 1/7/2015

Top O Matic Cigarette Machine


very nice easy to use no problems making cigarettes

by Robert on 2/18/2015

This was highly recommended for a reason


Very well built, solid, sturdy, and even as a first time user, I was able to make usable smokes in a very short period of time. Even better after some practice. Top notch stuff here. It's already paid for itself in my book.

by Robert on 4/2/2015

Top-O-MTic Machine


What a great machine and great price. These cigarettes come out looking like they were store bought. I can do a carton of cigarettes in about 90 minutes.Well worth the money.

by Carmela on 11/1/2015
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