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JomoTech Vaporizers and E-Cigs

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Jomotech is one of the lead manufacturers in the vape industry. With a variety of different products from batteries, clearomizers, accessories and kits, they have everything you need to enjoy your vaping experience!

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Based on 1 review

Hey , I like your BNB guys . High quality products with cheap price !!! Like much . Hope to try more !

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It seems to be a good one but...

Based on 1 review

As I said it is good and it looks nice but there are no instructions so you can easily think it doesn't work - which I did. The thing you need to do to start it is press the button on the battery 5 x's to make it go on. Also if you don''t know much about filling the tube with juice you may have a problem there too. INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE! I have been using various vaping devices for 3 years so I know this stuff or can figure it out - you however may have more trouble.

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