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Velvet Pipe Tobacco 12oz Tin

Velvet Pipe Tobacco 14oz Tin

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Made from the best sun-ripened kentucky burley tobacco aged to mellow perfection in natures slow but sure way
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velvet pipe tobacco


A very smooth and mild tobacco. I smoke velvet and half and half for 30 years.

by on



love this product. smoke velvet everyday.

by Charlie on 10/28/2013

Never a Problem


I have been smoking for 70 years.....yes I'm 94.....and get great delight out of your tobacco

by Bob on 4/2/2013

Pure Goodness


Velvet. An American icon. Dark burley tobacco.|What's in Velvet you ask? Take a seat. Velvet is made of Sunripened burley. That's it. Pure. Simple. Easy smoking Cool. Just remember it is burley rain and sunshine.|My preferrence is a drier tobacco. No bells whistles or gimmicks. Velvet is a wonderful tobacco. Some younger smokers compain at times that it has a "Play-Doh" type of taste. I n

by Mr.B on 9/18/2012

Velvet tobacco from B/B


I am a 93 year old man who can't find my product Velvet anywhere in town. Having it delivered to my house is really it's too late for me to quit smoking.!!

by Bob on 8/20/2012

Dark Burley


Dark Burley. Nothing topped or flavored. Only rain and sunshine. I love it and use it as a blending base. Velvet went out of business about ten years ago.

by Mr.B on 4/2/2013

Bits Of White Mold


Let's be honest the company went out of business about ten years ago. I am looking for something cheap in price and Velvet is a familiar blend to me going back to the mid-1960s so I buy it.|At times the product will be moist and having bits of white mold or so dry that it flakes and has no mold. It's cheap it works for me but I am not fussy. I can only speak for myself.

by Mr.B on 5/8/2013

very good, Smoothest smoke ever.


very good, Smoothest smoke ever.

by John on 9/16/2014

Velvet and Mixture 79


Mixture 79 is very hard to keep lite. I use a box of matches to just one smoke.

by Charles C. on 10/2/2014

I like Velvet but I


I like Velvet but I do not smoke it alone, I mix it with Mixture 79. They off set each other so I don`t geet a bit and sore mouth.

by Charles C. on 1/25/2015

I also bought a large tin of Mixture 79.


I mix then together as I can not smoke just one. I use to just smoke Mixture 79, but it started to bite my touge, so I picked Velvet to off se it. Now I have a fine smoke.

by Charles C. on 3/6/2015

When I want a lighter


When I want a lighter smoke I go for my Velvet. it burns evenly and has a nice aroma

by Anthony on 3/19/2015



Best rolling tobacco available. I just wish Pinkerton still made it. It was better then. Much more aromatic.

by John on 3/24/2015
Velvet pipe tobacco is exactly as the name describes, with a velvety smooth taste that is in a class all of its own. This premium brand of pipe tobacco is developed from Burley sun-ripened Kentucky tobacco and other organic additives, to deliver a fragrant, mild smoke that is packed with incredible flavor. This tobacco comes in both Mellow and Mild varieties, and is balanced perfectly to provide an ultimate smoke that every pipe devotee will enjoy. Velvet will give you plenty of bang for your buck, and a satisfying smoking experience that will continually keep you coming back for more.
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