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Zen Full Flavor KING Cigarette Tubes 250ct Carton 5 Pack

Zen Full Flavor King 5 Cartons

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $5.00
Low Stock: Hurry, we only have a few left!

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Product Information
Zen Tubes are a great product from HBI, including a Bonus of 50 Tubes making 250 total in a carton
Brand: Type: RYO Tubes/Paper Manufacturer:
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by on

Been using Zens for a long time


They had a shipping problem they came in time but 5 out of my 10 cartons have been smashed not sure i can even use them..Not BnB's fault must have been the shippers or packaging...Really love the Zens!!

by Ron on 7/11/2014



Wonderful Value for the Price!!

by Joy on 7/1/2014

Love Zen!


I have used many tubes, but Zen is the best I've found!

by Gina on 5/30/2014

No star on this one!


I ordered Zen Full flavor tubes but you sent me Gambler instead? Not cool!

by Tina on 5/14/2014

nevermake a mistake


You never make a mistakewith zn filter tubes

by michael on 4/24/2014

Best Tubes So Far


I've rolled with a lot of different tube brands. So far, this is the best one to fit the roller that I own, Silver Tip. Most tubes are loose around the mouth of the roller, this brand seems to fit just right, and the roller holds it much better. They smoke great and give you that full flavor taste that I've come to enjoy from cigarettes. I don't even lose 1 tube a box to the tube getting caught wrong and ripping down the side. They even roll fairly well in the humidity in southern arizona during monsoon season, unlike other brands I have tried. I will continue to purchase this brand for as long as it is being produced.

by Jessy on 9/11/2014



Zen full flavor regular tubes are the best. they taste great and they hold up to the tubing machine perfectly. and the price is great. can't go wrong with Zen.

by stephen on 9/12/2014

Zen makes the best tubes


Zen makes the best tubes not too thin not a lot of paper smokes well.

by Lee on 9/25/2014

ZEN 250 Pack TUBES


Great product! Been rolling my own for ever and these are the best bang for the buck!

by Adam on 4/11/2014

Zen Full Flavor King 5 Cartons


Perfect tubes. They are absolutely precise. The 5 pack is a great value.

by Carl on 10/25/2014



These tubes are smooth finished paper so they don't hang up in my machine. They are slightly larger in diameter than factory cigarettes, which adds more flavor to your smoke, and they don't change the flavor of your favorite tobacco. All in all, I can't find a down side. whenever possible, I will stick with these.

by Steven on 11/10/2014



Great quality for price

by Margaret on 11/21/2014



I bought 10 cartons of Zen tubes.Upon delivery ,two of the cartons were crushed but not the shipping box itself.Not a big deal in itself, but I do feel more care should be taken by your shippers to insure your company sends out the best product possible to create trust and satisfied if you wouldn't buy it ,don't send it.

by Tom on 11/23/2014

Zen tubes


Been using these for years. Tubes are great but super shooter isn't

by Russ on 12/14/2014



These tubes are good quality paper, and you get 250 instead of the 200 you get with more expensive brands.

by Steven on 1/12/2015



These tubes are great. I use them on a Fresh Choice cigarette maker, and they fill easily without a lot of torn, and mutilated smokes. They burn evenly and don't make your tobacco taste funky. My wife and I love them.

by Steven on 2/9/2015

satisified customer


Always good service & prices

by Floyd on 2/12/2015

B & B Tobacco


Great prices and very good service

by Sandra on 4/14/2015



Good experience every time I order. Website wouldn't load But a phone call got my order processed Quick! Thanx, BnB!

by Dale on 5/27/2016
Get a Punch of Flavor with Zen E-Liquid Contrary to popular belief, all e-liquids are not the same, and Zen e-liquid is a fine example of just how diverse they truly are. Zen e-liquid packs a punch of flavor that will tease your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Zen is known for their high quality products and affordability, so they are the perfect choice if you want high-end e-liquid to vape in style. The brand comes in numerous strengths and flavor varieties that include blue, green, red, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and white. These liquids can be used in any vaporizer or e-cig product.
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