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Elliot writes extensively about how to find the best cigars and wholesale pipe tobacco online from Vienna, VA. He carries forward the fourth generation of cigar enthusiastists in the Boudin family.

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How to Choose the Best Cigar Cutter to Ensure a Great Smoke

by Elliot Boudin August 30, 2012
Cigar Cutter

Gals new to cigar smoking have more to learn than what are the best brands to smoke. There are fun gadgets to shop for like cigar cutters and punches. But it’s more work than fun if you’re not familiar with the different types to choose from. Check out the list below so you know what […]

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The Most Expensive Cigars in the World

by Elliot Boudin August 24, 2012
Expensive Cigar

Cigars have often gotten an unfair stereotype for being a rich man’s luxury.  Certainly, the fact that most good quality cigars are hand-rolled make the products more costly than their mass produced counterparts in the cigarette industry.  But many affordable cigars still offer a pleasant and satisfying smoking experience.  But this does bring up an […]

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How to Choose the Right Cigar Accessories—Deciding on a Cigar Lighter

by Elliot Boudin August 21, 2012
Cigar tool

For cigar newbies, buying an item like a cigar lighter may seem like a no-brainer until you realize that there are many options to choose from. There are definitely some that work better than others so read on for my simple guide to choosing the best cigar lighter to get the best results from your […]

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Guess Whose Back and Smoking Cigars

by Elliot Boudin August 16, 2012
Thumbnail image for Guess Whose Back and Smoking Cigars

This summer has already been a banner year for blockbuster movies, particularly if you are a fan of action films.  But none of the movies released this year has as great a pedigree of action stars as The Expendables 2, the sequel to the hit 2010 film.  Relative newcomers to the genre like Jason Statham, […]

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Top 10 Premium Cigar Brands (Part 2)

by Elliot Boudin July 31, 2012

Last time we took a look at five premium cigar brands and their tobacco products which are great for newbies as well as experienced smokers who want to experience some of the top brands on the market.  If you are still trying to search for a new brand or you want to experiment and try […]

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Top 10 Premium Cigar Brands (Part 1 of 2)

by Elliot Boudin July 27, 2012

Whenever new converts to cigar smoking ask me on online forums about which brands they should try, I usually ask them which they are familiar with and try to go from there.  And usually, the answers fall into one of two categories:  Cubans or the cheap gas station brands that you can get for next […]

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The Nightlife of the 2012 London Olympics

by Elliot Boudin July 24, 2012

At this year’s Olympic Games held in London, the nightlife will be as exciting as who is announced 1st place in each sport’s competition.  The British know how to celebrate in Olympic fashion by enjoying the rich pub nightlife, drinking vintage liquors and smoking their best cigars.  Even their most famous historical statesman, Winston Churchill, […]

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