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How to Smoke a Pipe Correctly

by Rick November 10, 2014

As a beginner’s guide, you will need a few supplies if you are interested in trying out smoking tobacco through a pipe. Here’s the guide to get prepared to enjoy smoking a pipe with one of your favorite cocktails, the two ingredients for a perfect evening. Basic Supplies This list is intended for beginner’s, which […]

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A Deeper Look at Punch Brand Cigars

by Rick October 7, 2014

A Number of Owners The Punch brand was first registered in 1840 by a German man named Stockmann, who decided to name the brand after the European puppet show character Mr. Punch. The brand originated in Cuba, and it was specifically marketed for the English market. The history behind this famous brand also featured a […]

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Decoding the Myths of E-Cigs

by Rick September 30, 2014

Even though electronic cigarettes have been on the American market since 2007, many people still question what they really are and how they hold up as an alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette. For customers that are seeking a high quality smoking option that does not contain tobacco, researching and looking into the different premium […]

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Oliva’s Most Innovative Cigar

by Rick September 29, 2014

The well known and respected Oliva Cigar Company thought up a pretty creative and innovative cigar idea that just started out as a theory. The idea to capture the core of cigar’s flavor immediately upon lighting the cigar was once just a theory. This theory was born in one of the Oliva factories by Sam […]

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Taking a Closer Look at the Dutch Masters Brand

by Rick September 17, 2014

Unique Packaging The Dutch Masters brand of naturally wrapped cigars began being sold in the United States back in 1911. The brand is known by many due to its unique packaging that features Rembrandt’s 1662 painting known as The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild (De Staalmeesters). The men in the painting are known as drapers, […]

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The Best Bang for Your Buck

by Rick September 15, 2014

With the wide variety and abundance of cheap cigars out there, it’s difficult to know which discount cigars are still worth giving a try. The first three cigars listed are in the $3 per stick price range, while the last cigar is the cheapest of the list. At these great prices, anyone can afford a […]

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6 Cigar Tips You Need to Know

by Rick September 11, 2014

This guide provides all of the cigar smoking tips that you need to know. For the aspiring cigar connoisseur, these are the necessary Do’s and Don’ts that you should take note of. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are about to enjoy a cigar. 1. Don’t Inhale the Cigar Smoke Some new […]

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