Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette?

by Rick on February 26, 2014

Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette?

e-cigarette-woman-131114OK; I confess upfront that I am a cigarette addict and have been for at least half a century; but, I still have no real idea on exactly why I smoke. I can only say that I do enjoy the habit. Therein lies the crux of the matter – it IS a habit. Yes; I am fully aware of what the health experts have to say and, I am equally aware, of how anti-social it is for me to blow my smoke into the faces of non-smokers. So, when the e-cigarette first appeared; I thought, why not give it a try? However, I had no idea whether I was purchasing a Premium Electronic Cigarette or a plain old ordinary one.

It’s Vapor Not Smoke

What I did notice was that the “thing” I purchased looked nothing like a cigarette. It came in a big pouch containing 4 parts :-

  1. A black cylindrical thing about the size of a white board marker – the battery.
  2. A charger for the battery.
  3. Another thing that sort of resembled a short cigarette holder (mouthpiece and a clear plastic tube attached to it.
  4. A small (empty) soft plastic bottle with a sort of hypodermic needle on its top (I was told that this is where I put my mixed liquids; ready to “inject” them into the holder piece).

I also had to buy a selection of these liquids; ranging from nicotine with no flavor through to an assortment of flavors with or without added nicotine. To smoke this e-cigarette; you :-

  • fully charge the battery
  • mix your liquids to suit your taste and fill the small bottle and then transfer the mixture into the mouthpiece
  • screw the mouthpiece into the battery and you are ready to “smoke”
  • push the on-button and gently suck in a mouthful of “smoke”
  • remember to keep the battery charged

But, it is not smoke; it is vapor resulting from the battery running a heater in the mouthpiece so as to vaporize the mixed liquid; which you then handle the same way as you did the real smoke from burning tobacco. I later learnt that; had I purchased the Premium Electronic Cigarette; I would have had a red light on the end of the battery holder to simulate the glowing end of a tobacco cigarette.


I still use it and enjoy the fun of mixing new taste flavors; but, I still smoke too many real cigarettes a day. Perhaps, I should try a newer development – packs of pre-flavored, pre-charged, disposable e-cigarettes – maybe I will find them a premium advantage?

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