Swisher Sweets Cigars, Cigarillos and Little Cigars

by David Nadel January 18, 2018

Described on the online Urban Dictionary as “a damn good cigar,” Swisher Sweets is a hugely popular cigar brand offering a wide selection of your favorite cigar products. It is so popular that it is the most referenced cigar brand in pop culture, often popping up in songs, movies, and television shows. From regular, toasted […]

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Signature Punch Cigars

by David Nadel January 12, 2018

BnB Tobacco is proud to provide the cigar-loving public with quality Punch brand cigars. Both complex and approachable, Punch cigars are highly rated Cuban-style cigars that will delight casual smokers and aficionados alike. With an oily wrapper and a solid build, they make for a fine looking cigar. Using only select tobaccos, these are medium-bodied […]

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Choosing the Right Pipe Tobacco Strength

by David Nadel January 5, 2018

Choosing the right tobacco strength to most can be a very personal experience. For some people, tobacco pipes are sentimental and need to be preserved and even inherited by next generations. It’s this level of importance attached to tobacco pipes that necessitates the discussion on how to go about choosing the right tobacco strength. If you’re a […]

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The Fundamentals to Cigar Rolling

by David Nadel December 28, 2017

From an outward appearance, a cigar looks quite simplistic; a cigar with tobacco stuffed inside. But if one were to take a closer look, and see what it actually takes to roll a cigar, they would file rolling cigars under the “easier said than done” category. Although it’s not easy, that doesn’t necessarily make it […]

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3 Cigars To Keep Your Holiday Season Jolly

by David Nadel December 18, 2017

Tis’ the season to sit back and relax, while enjoying the aromatic flavors of our favorite cigars for the holiday season. At such a festive time of the year when multiple family gatherings and holiday celebrations become the weekend norm, one might often find themselves playing the role of gratuitous host or house guest. Whichever […]

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Cafe Macanudo Cigars

by David Nadel December 12, 2017

BnB Tobacco is pleased to offer Macanudo brand cigars for the smoking pleasure of cigar lovers everywhere. Macanudo cigars are one of the best-selling premium cigars in the country. With a unique blend of Dominican and Mexican filler and Connecticut shade wrappers, these cigars boast a mild, light flavor for an incredibly smooth smoking experience […]

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Cigar Gift Set: Christmas & Holiday Cigars | BNB Tobacco

by David Nadel December 7, 2017

If you need to buy a unique gift got the cigar lover in your life for the holidays or for Christmas in 2017 opt for a cigar gift set. These sets are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, or to give as a special thank you. The sets include humidors, only cigars, cigars […]

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