The Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Humidor

by David Nadel March 9, 2016

Before you even start thinking about cleaning your humidor- Stop! Why are you thinking about doing it? Have you discovered mold on your humidor or cigars? Have you recently been the victim of a tobacco beetle infestation? Have you maybe used bad water to recharge your humidor and have scale buildup? Do you have a […]

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BnB Tobacco Spring Cigars You Wanna Have

by David Nadel February 27, 2016

When you think of Spring pairings, you might think cuisine, wine and maybe beer – why not cigars? Words that evoke the thought of spring might include light, bright, sweet, mild, and smooth, which are all great aspects of a cigar. There are several sticks out there that could be thought to embody the season: […]

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3 Things A Cigar Smoker Should Never Do

by David Nadel February 26, 2016

Smoking cigars is a passion, not a habit. It’s an enlightenment that takes pride, one with patience and etiquette. If you’re a person with experience then you are certainly aware of the technique used when savoring a cigar moment. On the other hand, if you are one who is just now tapping into your passion […]

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Cigar Zero to Hero in No Time Flat

by David Nadel February 24, 2016

A good cigar has long been an indulgence and for some an everyday staple. With relations with Cuba warming up, it is only more likely that interest in cigars will soon explode. If you’re one of the many people just starting to get their feet wet in the world of cigars, you’ll want to try […]

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Your Cigar: Is It Mild or Is It Strong?

by David Nadel February 13, 2016

Smoking a cigar is a great way to enjoy even the most mundane chores in life such as mowing the lawn, painting the house or grilling a steak. Maybe you prefer to enjoy a cigar with your morning coffee or maybe right before bed, while reading a book or together with a friend. There are […]

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How Does Your Cigar Flavor Speak About Your Personality?

by David Nadel February 10, 2016

You might think that the flavor of cigar you smoke is just a flavor, but you need to remember that the flavor of cigar you smoke says a lot about you as a person. You’re giving away a part of your personality when you light up your stogie, and anyone who’s paying attention can learn […]

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The 3 Leaves

by David Nadel February 9, 2016

Any avid cigar smoker can tell you that where you get the tobacco, and how it’s grown are major contributing factors in the quality of the cigar, but there’s more to it than that. The different types of tobacco leaves and how they’re used in the cigar contribute to the overall flavor, strength, and size […]

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