by David Nadel August 31, 2015

You can tell a few things about a man by the scent he wears. All macho men will always strike to smell as masculine as possible. That’s why you will find them smoking cigars. Cigar smells have always been associated with macho nonsensical men. The ‘ombre’ man from Mexico ideally represents how a macho man is […]

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Most Commonly Used Wood For Humidors: Spanish Cedar

by David Nadel August 30, 2015

Humidors aren’t more than the sum of their parts and selecting the best wood for your cigar storage container is paramount to the life of your cigars. The reason for this is that the kind of wood used for your storage box will directly determine the amount of moisture that’s contained or repelled inside it. […]

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Filtered Cigars 101

by David Nadel August 29, 2015

Filtered cigars consist of wrapper, binder and filler and in this particular case filter. Filters are intended to reduce the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during the combustion of a cigar, but have no actual proven health benefits. The standard filter used on cigars today contains 15 000 fibers per filter. According to […]

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What Makes Corleone Such a Reputable Brands For Pipes?

by David Nadel August 24, 2015

Style is something that one must possess and that’s where Corleone stands out as a reputable brand for pipes. Corleone has a history of delivering signature pipes that give you the right amount of smoke and aroma. They’ve always utilized signature wood to deliver the magnificent styles and colors that accentuate your lifestyle. They’ve a […]

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Success and a Cigar Go Hand In Hand

by David Nadel August 19, 2015

There are times we see a successful business man make a huge financial business deal and light a cigar in regards to the occasion. Why? Cigar smoke, million dollar deals, and success go hand in hand. Once you choose the cigar that you want to smoke during your moment of success it is now time to […]

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The Complexity of Some Cigars

by David Nadel August 15, 2015

Each cigar is designed to seal in flavor until it’s lit. Smokers can identify musky aromas by sniffing the exterior of a rolled Corona. Hand rolled cigars feature aged tobacco leaves tightly packed in a specialty paper. They’re durable and may be smoked for a considerable length of time. Evaluating The Appearance Of Cigars Surprisingly, […]

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Touching-up and Re-Lighting Your Cigar

by David Nadel August 11, 2015

Touching up and relighting may seem to be completely synonymous but they’re not exactly the same thing. “Touching up” a cigar generally refers to very selective lighting of a particular section of a cigar. You’ll generally want to touch up your cigar when one side begins to burn more quickly than another which leads to […]

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