The Case of The Unraveling Cigar Wrapper

by David Nadel May 25, 2017

What Are The Causes Behind an Unraveling Wrapper? All cigar smokers out there will come across an unraveling wrapper from time to time. This happens when the wrapper of your cigar becomes loose. If this occurs, you are might experience a bad cigar burn. In order to have a final solution for this issue, you need to understand what […]

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Nub Maduro 460 Single

by David Nadel May 20, 2017

Nub is an innovative concept with one main purpose: to capture and deliver the true essence of a cigar throughout the entire cigar smoking experience. After working countless hours in cigar factories and testing every cigar under the sun, its creator (Sam Leccia) found that most blends require some burn time prior to offering the […]

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Herrera Esteli Short Corona 25ct Box

by David Nadel May 15, 2017

A beautiful Nicaraguan cigar that is part of the ever famous Drew Estate family, Herrera Esteli Short Corona cigars are rolled in the stunning Esteli fields by El Titan de Bronze alum, Willy Herrera. Each cigar has a slow burn, delicious flavor and mimics the original Cuban brands. With a bold kick, the flavors of spice, […]

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Blending Cigars is an Art Form

by David Nadel May 10, 2017

When blending the tobacco, the blender’s trying to tantalize the human palate! Therefore, a well-blended cigar should awaken all of the following taste experiences. It should taste sweet, sour, salty and a hint of bitter and umami! Umami is often described as a meat flavor on the human palate but can have other tastes as […]

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Signs of a Broken Humidor

by David Nadel May 5, 2017

There are a number of different ways in which a humidor might be broken. However, the most important and frequent problem is a malfunction in the humidor’s hygrometer. Below are two different methods you can use to troubleshoot your hygrometer based on the type you’re using, either analog or digital. ANALOG HYGROMETERS: To check analog […]

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Heat & Humidity – Are They a Bad Combination For Cigars?

by David Nadel April 30, 2017

The summer season is a time of cookouts, camping, and other outdoor activities. The warm weather calls us out to play. These outdoor events are perfect places to enjoy a fine cigar. For those of us who enjoy smoking, the heat and humidity of summer can definitely have a negative affect on our cigar quality. Hot […]

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CAO Cigars and Pipe Tobacco

by David Nadel April 24, 2017

Producer of some of the top lines of premium cigars, CAO has been in the business since 1964. Cano A. Ozgener’s love for tobacco and accessories started as a hobby as he would modify imperfect meerschaum pipes. This hobby quickly turned into a fully functioning, tobacco company. He went on to have multiple lines of […]

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