Politics and Cigars

by David Nadel May 11, 2015

Almost everybody has seen iconic images of some of the most famous politicians, actors and celebrities smoking a fat cigar as they celebrate victory or relax in their limited free time. However, despite cigars being a favorite of many politicians they are also one of the products governments have looked to tax at high levels in […]

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A Quick Intro: Cigar Types

by David Nadel May 9, 2015

There’s an array of different cigar styles and sizes out there. With that said, yes it can get confusing, but we’ll break down just the basics today as we look at the different styles that are available and how the sizes are categorized. To begin, there are both domestic and international cigars. Both of these […]

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Cigars and the Villains That Love Them

by David Nadel May 5, 2015

Cigars are a sign of power and wealth that’re enjoyed by both heroes and villains in the movies, on TV, and in comic books. Heroes often smoke cigars with Roger Moore’s incarnation as James Bond featuring the super spy smoking cigars in his early appearances. However, it’s often the bad guy who’s given the cigar […]

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Another Quick Insider to Cigar Blending

by David Nadel April 29, 2015

There are several different types of tobacco. Which plants the cigar producer chooses and how much of each creates vastly different flavors, burning tendencies, and strengths. Knowing different types of tobacco will help you better choose a flavor of a cigar to your liking. There are three types of leaves: filler tobacco, the binder leaf, […]

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For a Cigar Smoker and a Vaping User

by David Nadel April 13, 2015

The world of tobacco smoking is changing but don’t tell lifelong cigar lovers that. Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-hookahs, and MODS have hit the market hard, and it’s undeniably cleaner and easier to store these methods of smoking than the costs involved in keeping cigars fresh. That however, isn’t the point of cigar smoking. The enjoyment […]

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Rocky Patel Cigars Offer Consistent Quality

by David Nadel April 10, 2015

Rocky Patel Cigars have been a trusted brand of cigar for the last two decades. Owner Rocky Patel’s dedication to the production of these high quality stogies has earned the brand numerous 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado magazine. He’s greatly respected and admired in the cigar-making industry. Mr. Patel was an attorney in the entertainment […]

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Top 4 Cigar Hollywood Smokers of All-Time

by David Nadel April 9, 2015

Hollywood and cigar smoking have gone together for decades, with the image of a big-time executive or famous actor smoking a quality cigar. To them, a large cigar is a sign that they’ve made it to a high level within the entertainment industry. In terms of Hollywood actors, there’s a long list but we’ve narrowed it […]

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