Cigars: Does Size Really Matter?

by David Nadel June 12, 2017

Ask a handful of cigar smokers if the size or shape of a cigar makes a difference, and you may get a handful of different answers. This debate has long perplexed cigar makers and smokers alike. Is there some truth to the thoughts that a larger cigar tastes better? Or one rolled tighter produces better […]

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Can The Shape of a Cigar Effect Your Smoking Experience?

by David Nadel September 28, 2015

Nothing beats the relaxing feel of sitting back and smoking your favorite cigar. Whether you’re a new or a long term smoker, you’ll likely find that you’ve favorites when it comes to size, wrapper type and even shape. Now, speaking of the shape, you may not realize that the shape of that cigar affects the […]

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The Various Sizes of Cigars

by David Nadel February 16, 2015

A proper hand-rolled cigar is an art form; each one a unique smoking experience. However, many popular cigars today are made by machine with high quality control standards in place. Cigars unlike cigarettes are to be enjoyed during a longer single sitting and savored instead of inhaled. There are over twenty individual styles of cigars according […]

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