Selecting the Right Size Humidor

by David Nadel February 12, 2018

As most of you in the cigar world know, there are numerous types (styles, sizes, and shapes) of cigar humidors out there. That is why you need to make sure that you purchase a humidor that can best accommodate your cigar collection (or future collection). Here are a couple of examples for determining this: If […]

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Heat & Humidity – Are They a Bad Combination For Cigars?

by David Nadel April 30, 2017

The summer season is a time of cookouts, camping, and other outdoor activities. The warm weather calls us out to play. These outdoor events are perfect places to enjoy a fine cigar. For those of us who enjoy smoking, the heat and humidity of summer can definitely have a negative affect on our cigar quality. Hot […]

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Proper Ways to Store Your Smoking Pipes

by David Nadel December 6, 2016

Pipe smokers should endeavor to have a good storage space. The container you choose will depend on how long it will be before using the stored pipes. However, before you pick a container, you need to understand tobacco storage. Storage tips Moisture content of your tobacco may affect its smoke as well as taste. If […]

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Humidors are Important for Cigar Storage

by David Nadel March 14, 2015

Smoking cigars are a great way to pass time for anyone who enjoys the flavor. They’re known to be associated with the finer things in life. It takes a certain individual to smoke a cigar, and some individuals smoke them only for special occasions, while others simply enjoy the taste and action of smoking. Whatever the […]

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