How Can You Tell If a Humidor Isn’t Working Properly?

by David Nadel February 28, 2018

Overview The popularity of cigars is something that has continued to increase every year. In many parts of the work, it is socially acceptable to always be smoking a cigar. There are a wide range of qualities with a cigar that people can buy. However, it is also important to keep the cigar at the […]

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Selecting the Right Size Humidor

by David Nadel February 12, 2018

As most of you in the cigar world know, there are numerous types (styles, sizes, and shapes) of cigar humidors out there. That is why you need to make sure that you purchase a humidor that can best accommodate your cigar collection (or future collection). Here are a couple of examples for determining this: If […]

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The Fundamentals to Cigar Rolling

by David Nadel December 28, 2017

From an outward appearance, a cigar looks quite simplistic; a cigar with tobacco stuffed inside. But if one were to take a closer look, and see what it actually takes to roll a cigar, they would file rolling cigars under the “easier said than done” category. Although it’s not easy, that doesn’t necessarily make it […]

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How To Season Your Humidor

by David Nadel September 30, 2017

  The joys of a new cigar and a new humidor that you bought at BnB Tobacco are something many men enjoy and you are one of them. Getting new things is a lot of run, but when it comes to that ideal premium cigar, there is just something about opening that humidor to release the […]

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The Approach to Smoking Torpedo-Shaped Cigars

by David Nadel August 30, 2017

Torpedo cigars are intended to deliver concentrated flavor. While cigars come in many shapes and sizes, it is important to remember that no one is superior. They all have different offerings. Different shapes and sizes, they all offer something a little unique. I tend to like my cigars thicker so I can work on it […]

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Cigars Sometimes Get Too Hot To Smoke

by David Nadel August 12, 2017

Cigar smokers are a special breed of people. They savor the taste and smell of their cigar as a precious jewel that stimulates and satisfies. A cigar can be a valuable commodity to some as it often is used as a relaxant and a stress reliever. Most smokers will bask in the aroma of a […]

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Why Is Tar Coming Out of My Cigar?

by David Nadel August 6, 2017

Picture this, you’ve just closed a huge sell, you are surrounded by all of your colleagues, your future wife is standing around the corner (she just doesn’t’ know she’s your future yet), and your boss is thinking of getting you that promotion everybody been after. You pull out a box that looks like it was […]

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