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10 Best Cigars to Enjoy the 2023 Fall Season with at BnB Tobacco

carved pumpkin with a cigar, on top of fall leaves

Fall is approaching, and so is a feeling of briskness in the air, a slowdown from the rush of summer activities, and an urge to get nice and cozy at home.  For cigar lovers, this is one of the absolute best times of the year for enjoying our hobby, since there’s something undeniably magical about lighting up an aromatic cigar that fits the mood of the season. 

While there’s no hard and fast rule about which cigars you should and shouldn’t smoke during the fall, we at BnB Tobacco have our clear personal preferences when it comes to which smokes just hit the spot on a whole new level when that autumn weather creeps in.

Best Cigars for the Upcoming Fall Season

These 10 cigars all offer certain characteristics that capture what it is that we love about the fall season.  Let’s take a look at each one, to help you pick out your collection of autumn-themed smokes.

#10: Partagas 1845 Clasico

Never a bad choice for any time of year, the Partagas 1845 Clasico cigars have a special nod to fall in their flavor profile.  With prestigious Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and binders, all nestled in an Ecuador Sumatran wrapper, this cigar has a super rich and nuanced taste and aroma, with a medium-full body.  You’ll pick up on nuttiness, which is enhanced by an astounding sweet creaminess and an out-of-this-world smoothness that makes each draw feel like silk passing over the palate.

#9: Leaf by Oscar Sumatra

There’s a novelty to this cigar, which you’ll pick up on as soon as you look at it.  It’s wrapped in an outer leaf, which looks to be done haphazardly, and can confuse any recipient who doesn’t realize that the outer leaf must be removed in order to reveal an absolutely gorgeously constructed cigar that shows off phenomenal craftsmanship.  The Honduran filler is exquisite, with a Sumatran wrapper to tie everything together, and the impeccable richness of the flavor is perfect as the temperatures start to drop when fall sets in.

#8: Diamond Crown Maximus

Considered one of the very best cigars in the world, period, the Diamond Crown Maximus is regarded highly, and continues to be a hit with new generations of cigar enthusiasts.  Its scrumptiously rich and complex flavor profile keeps winning over fans of full-bodied cigars, with striking Dominican tobaccos wrapped in a Sumatran wrapper.  People often remark on its smooth yet complex taste, with notes of cedar and espresso, which offer up a warming quality to it that can be particularly welcome on chilly autumn nights.

#7: Deadwood Leather Rose Maduro

Then, we have the beautiful Leather Rose Maduro from Deadwood, which is a truly special offering shrouded in folklore, as any fan of the brand will know.  This is the boldest cigar from Deadwood, with a flavor profile that inspired the name, and an undeniable spiciness that lines up with the tastes of the season.  It draws absolutely flawlessly, with a medium-full body for those extra chilly days and evenings, featuring luscious Nicaraguan tobacco in a Maduro wrapper.

#6: Romeo y Julieta 1875

Always a crowd-pleaser during the colder months, this gorgeous cigar has mouthwatering notes of dark oak and rich coffee, with sweetness and nuttiness that makes every draw a decadent experience.  The use of Dominican long filler and binder delivers a perfect white ash burn, with an Indonesian shade wrapper acting as the perfect finishing touch.  It’s big, bold, and complex, and exactly the kind of cigar you’d want to reach for after dinner on an autumn evening.

#5: Ashton VSG

If you’re all about those full-bodied cigars on chillier days, Ashton VSG Cigars are the way to go.  Fine Dominican tobacco is aged for 4 to 5 years, and wrapped in a sun-grown wrapper.  The result is an outstanding taste of rich and sweet caramel, along with buttery nuttiness that lends itself to the spirit of the season, to elevate a mundane evening at home into an exquisite experience.  This cigar is highly rated, as it’s considered one of the very best releases of all time.

#4: Baccarat Maduro

Baccarat Maduro cigars use practices that are steeped in tradition, and foreign to the more modern style of cigar-making today.  And, that’s a big reason why so many people love them.  They are finished with sweet gum, which greatly enhances the flavor profile to offer something highly distinctive.  This mild-medium cigar is made with Honduran long-filler tobacco and Mexican binder, with a Maduro wrapper.  The robust flavor profile makes for a fantastic autumn smoke.

#3: Ambrosia Spice

The lovingly handcrafted Ambrosia Spice, made by Drew Estate, offers a medium-bodied smoke that’s exceptionally aromatic, using Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos that mingle together perfectly to offer up a one-of-a-kind, highly nuanced flavor profile, with notes of cedar, spices, and a touch of weetness.  Its complexity and richness offer something to warm you up as autumn takes a turn for the colder.

#2: Herrera Esteli Habano

An absolute winner year-round, the Hererra Esteli offers up Nicaraguan tobaccos along with a Habano wrapper.  This medium-bodied cigar is known for its autumnal notes of woods, sweet spices, and freshly cracked white pepper, making it an absolutely perfect choice for this treasured time of year.

#1: Rocky Patel The Edge

The glorious Edge cigar from Rocky Patel features some of the finest Honduran fillers and binders you can find, renowned for their impressive richness, and it’s wrapped in a Candela wrapper.  The tobacco offers a flavor profile of green tea, sweet spices, and rich creaminess, that’s irresistible during the crisp fall season.

Fall is Just Around the Corner, and BnB Tobacco Has You Covered

We’re just beginning to feel the whispers of fall approaching, which means that now is the time to stock up on these excellent cigars at BnB Tobacco, as they all have unique qualities that really help you get into the spirit of the season.  As we look forward to embracing the cooler weather and our favorite autumn traditions, these cigars will get you through the months ahead.

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