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10 Great Ways to Enjoy a Cigar – Vote on your Favorite!

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Just like the countless varieties of cigars ranging from flavors to intensity, there are a wide variety of reasons to enjoy a cigar. From life milestones to special occasions, cigars can make an event even more special.

In this blog post we’ve listed ten special occasions for smoking a cigar. At the bottom of the blog post we’ve added a survey for you to vote on your favorite or submit your own.

Let’s start with life milestones.

Getting married is always a happy time and a great reason to celebrate with a large group of people. If you are having your reception at a venue, smoking a cigar may not be an option. However, you can always set aside some time before the big day to enjoy a smoke. A great idea to immortalize the moment is to get your groomsmen together and take some pictures of the whole group enjoying their cigars together.

Birth of Baby
The birth of a baby is the most universally recognized time to enjoy a cigar. Commemorative blue and pink cigars are common, but for the real aficionado we recommend that you stay away from these token cigar favors. . They are cute, but not as enjoyable as a real premium cigar.

Major Accomplishment
A new job, promotion, or achievement is always time for celebration. These kind of events are often enjoyed with a more intimate group of people and thus very suitable for a celebratory cigar. It’s even more fun to mark the occasion with a premium cigar you wouldn’t typically enjoy.

For this event we’re talking about life milestones like reaching the big four zero or celebrating your 50th birthday. George Burns enjoyed cigars through his 100th birthday laughing the whole way. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to celebrate your accomplishment with a cigar.

Next, let’s look at six special occasions for smoking a cigar.

Poker Night
A guys night out wouldn’t be complete without a poker table clouded in cigar smoke. Regardless of your wins or losses, the classic poker night filled with drinks, cigars, and laughter is reason enough to clear your Saturday night calendar at least once a month.

After Thankgiving Dinner
While the after dinner cigar is a much different environment than a guy’s poker night, it can be just as special to share that time with those you love. It takes time to digest all that Thankgiving turkey and we see no reason why every breath can’t be just as enjoyable with a handmade cigar.

Good Company
Whether it’s after dinner, around a campfire, or in the back yard, being with friends and family makes the cigar taste even better. Light it up and let the good times roll.

Sporting Event
Of course it’s easy to imagine a celebratory cigar when your team wins a championship, but those never happen often enough. So for the sake of enjoyment we say having a cigar during your favorite sporting event is a great excuse, win or lose!

New Year Celebration
There are a lot of reasons to have a party, but new years celebrations are about more than just the party. Starting a new year can be a milestone is anyone’s life. And we’re not talking about making a resolution. It’s about starting fresh and celebrating another year of being alive.

Finally, we’ve left out one of the most common reasons to smoke a cigar. Merely for the enjoyment of relaxing. Throw a travel humidor in your bags and make your next vacation a special event as you enjoy life without the deadlines and traffic.

Those are our top ten reasons to smoke a cigar, but we want to hear from you. The survey below allows our readers to vote on their favorite reason to smoke a cigar or you can submit your own. Or you can leave a comment and let us know your favorite occasion for enjoying a cigar.

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