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12 Reasons Cigars are Better Than Sex!

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So, while I was searching the net yesterday and doing a little research on new cigars and the tobacco industry, i came across this hilarious but true list of 12 Reasons Why Cigars are Better than Sex! After giving it a read, i knew i had to share it on the blog. After all, BnB customers seem to have a good sense of humor and love a good laugh. Please, if you find this funny, don’t hesitate to pass it along to your cigar loving friends and family!

12 Reasons Cigars are Better Than Sex:

• You can safely have cigars while you are driving.
• You can make cigars last as long as you want them to.
• You can have cigars even in front of your mother.
• The word “commitment” doesn’t scare off cigars.
• You can ask a stranger for a cigar without getting your face slapped.
• You don’t get hairs in your mouth with cigars.
• With cigars there’s no need to fake it.
• Cigars don’t make you pregnant.
• You can have cigars at any time of the month.
• You can have as many kinds of cigars as you can handle.
• With cigars size doesn’t matter. It’s ALL good!

What do you think?? Some of these are too true aren’t they?! LOL Pass it along.

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