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2022 Father’s Day Gift Ideas at BnB Tobacco

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Father’s Day is around the corner, and if your dad is a tobacco or hemp enthusiast, then you can get ahead of the game by grabbing him the ultimate gift at BnB Tobacco.  Father’s Day gifts should be about giving dad something that shows how much you care, and if he enjoys a nice quality smoke, then we’ve got tons of gift options that will make him feel like he’s the king of the world. 

Whether he’s all about premium cigars, CBD-rich hemp, a nice pipe session or rolling his own, we’ve got you covered with this amazing Father’s Day 2022 gift guide, which has something for everyone it seems.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: Alec Bradley Black Market Premium Cigars

If you want your dad to feel spoiled this Father’s Day, only the finest premium cigars will do.  And, in this case, we recommend Alec Bradley Black Market Premium Cigars, which remain a favorite among our most discerning tobacco connoisseurs.  These medium-bodied beauties offer a sense of luxury that’s hard to put into words.  A silky draw provides decadent creamy undertones with warm spices and aromatics, and the perfect sweetness level to keep him coming back for more.  From the most prestigious facility in Nicaragua, these cigars come in a Sumatran wrapper with premium Honduran and Panamanian fillers.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars

If your dad prefers machine made cigars, then it’s time to give him the best of the best.  Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars are cigarillos that go above and beyond to satisfy on a whole new level.  Since the 1970s, Backwoods has been gratifying cigar lovers with affordable, yet premium-grade little cigars made with fine tobaccos and flavored to perfection.  Naturally derived bourbon and honey flavoring give an exquisite taste to each puff and provides a flavor profile that dads unanimously love.  It’s a festive flavor that marks any celebration (like Father’s Day), and ensures nothing but intense smoking pleasure without breaking the bank.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Virginia Heritage Black Cherry Little Cigars

Little cigars are becoming a huge trend in the smoking world nowadays, showing that they don’t need to be any lower in quality than the larger premium cigars that many of us are used to.  That being said, Virginia Heritage is one of the top-performing brands on the little cigar market, helping usher in this new renaissance era.  Their Black Cherry variety has a flavor that’s simply to die for, hitting the spot with a dark, rich and fruity taste that’s subtle yet complex, and almost delivers a hint of expensive pipe tobacco with every puff.  Known for being extremely flavorful, it contains robust, nutty and all-American Virginia-grown tobacco.

Father’s Day Gift #4: Ashton Artisan’s Blend Pipe Tobacco

If dad is more of the pipe-smoking type, don’t worry – we’ve still got what it is that he’s looking for.  A pipe smoker can never have too wide a variety of tobaccos in his arsenal, and for those moments when he’s feeling a bit extra indulgent, there’s Ashton Artisan’s Blend.  This pipe tobacco is inspired by the classic English style, and also hits the spot in every way thanks to a decadent blend of carefully sourced Latakia, Perique and Virginia tobaccos, noted for its sweet and spicy taste that has a heavily aromatic, rich medium-full body.  It’s a nice break from the routine, and its artisanal quality is apparent as soon as your dad takes his first puff.

Father’s Day Gift #5: Savinelli Roma Lucite Pipe

Speaking of pipe smokers, few dads will protest to a new pipe – especially when that pipe is a Savinelli.  The Savinelli Roma Lucite Pipe (614) is a crowd-pleasing model, showing off exquisite craftsmanship from end to end.  It’s a full-bent, plump-bowled jaw-hanger pipe in the billiard style.  Also stands out among the more conventional designs on the market to be both extremely aesthetically pleasing and ultra-functional, capable of carrying a lot of tobacco while delivering nothing but the smoothest, richest clouds of smoke.  There are some beautiful details to admire, including brass accents, caramel-amber translucent hues throughout the stem, and polished rims. 

Father’s Day Gift #6: Natural CBD Smokes

If dad is all about hemp, then these Natural CBD Smokes will make his Father’s Day extra special.  Smoking hemp allows us to enjoy the most bioavailable variety of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant’s flowering buds, which in this case are rolled to perfection to offer a slow-burning, delectably smooth and thoroughly flavorful experience.  Natural CBD Smokes are just that – natural, with zero additives of any kind to get in between dad and his beloved hemp.  They come in a pack of 20, with the look and feel of cigarettes while being totally tobacco-free.  They feature natural papers as well, with biodegradable filter tips to make each puff extra velvety along the throat.  Each pack contains an average of 300 milligrams of pure hemp flower, picked from organic farms and hand-trimmed to perfection.

Father’s Day Gift #7: Blizzy Cone Woods

If dad is a RYO enthusiast, then these Blizzy Cone Woods are excellent.  If he usually rolls papers, he’ll love both the convenience and enhanced size that these cones have to offer, which will readily take his tobacco or hemp flower and ensure an even, smooth, slow and flavorful smoke.  They utilize all-natural, cured and dark Hot Skull Fronto leaves, which are 100% free of additives and chemicals.  Hand-rolled, they’re crafted with utmost care to deliver sublime puffs of smoke all day long.

Father’s Day Gift #8: Fre Nicotine Pouches Sampler

Whether dad is already a fan of nicotine pouches or has been professing his desire to transition to an alternative delivery method, Fre has some of the best options on the market.  And, this sampler pack means that he’ll be able to sample a variety of flavors to find out which one he likes best.  Available in both 9mg and 12mg options, each pouch contains tobacco-free nicotine in 5 distinctive flavors to try: Mocha, Lush, Mint, Sweet and Wintergreen.  Each is flavored naturally, and even offers something special to his nicotine experience.  They’re renowned for being fully capable of satisfying nicotine cravings without introducing any tobacco into the body whatsoever.

Dad Deserves the Best This Father’s Day, Wouldn’t You Say So?

We at BnB Tobacco have devoted our lives to curating the finest collection of tobacco, nicotine and hemp products that the market has to offer, all in one place.  This Father’s Day, take advantage of our incredible selection by finding the perfect gift for dad – either from the list above, or by taking a stroll through our website to find exactly what it is that’s going to make him smile.  We’re proud to offer some of the best prices and fastest shipping times anywhere, to take the hassle out of gift-buying and ensure that dad is 100% pleased this year.

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