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3 Benefits of Purchasing Machine Made Cigars

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Most websites are stuck in the past, toting lies that confuse the consumer, convincing him that the only cigars worth buying are hand made cigars, but those bias misconceptions are currently being proven wrong. Here are three extremely real benefits to buying machine made cigars.

1. Respect Your Wallet
People assume that because hand-made cigars have a much higher sticker price that why must be the best of the best, but just because a cigar is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better cigar. Sure, it’s fun to flash around an pricey piece to puff on, but it really just hurts your wallet. After all, the main reason hand made cigars are so expensive is because they’re so much more time exhausting to make. Also, by buying less expensive machine made cigars you can enjoy more cigars throughout the day instead of spending a large amount on one singular cigar that eats away a decent chunk of your hard-earned money

2. The Great Taste of Success
It used to be that just be referencing a machine made cigar that people would throw up their noses and claim that they had no taste and in the beginning that was pretty much true, but today multiple companies are doing an excellent job of supplying that great flavor that comes with some hand made cigars. At this point in the game the competitors are just about equal. No longer can any cigar snobs say that only hand made cigars are of quality taste because companies like BnB are doing fantastic work at creating aromatic experience that every smoker can take utmost satisfaction in experiencing.

With hand made cigars you don’t have as many options because they take so much time to make each particular one that the manufacturers tend not to produce as much creative variety because they have to rely on what definitely works as oppose to what unique new idea could potentially make them more or less money. Thanks to machine made cigars you don’t have to do be at the mercy of an unoriginal traditional type of cigar that eventually really just gets boring to smoke. Today when you shop for machine made cigars you have the added bonus of being able to meticulously finger through a wide collection of well thought out wide variety.

Honestly, fact is machine made cigars are simply better than hand made.

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