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3 Cigars To Keep Your Holiday Season Jolly


3 Cigars To Keep Your Holiday Season Jolly

Tis’ the season to sit back and relax, while enjoying the aromatic flavors of our favorite cigars for the holiday season. At such a festive time of the year when multiple family gatherings and holiday celebrations become the weekend norm, one might often find themselves playing the role of gratuitous host or house guest. Whichever role you may find yourself in, there’s 3 holiday cigars crafted to bring more joy to the world, and jolly to the party.

The holiday season comes with its very own feeling; it even has its own flavors, resembling hints of spice and sweetness. That’s why the Alec Bradley Nica Puro Churchill cigar is perfect for the holiday season. This is the type of cigar that goes wonderfully with coffee or pie, as this “Nicaraguan Puro” cigar is a medium-full smoke, that blends the flavors of pepper, along with coffee and cream. The creaminess flavor can be found in the middle of the smoke, yet blends consistent with the spices of pepper and coffee. Complete in a 20 box set, the Nica Puro Churchill cigar will entice you to pass one along to any fellow gracious enough to experience its flavorful elegance and spicy sweetness.

Already crafted with a theme rooted in celebratory mode, the Rocky Patel Fifty Five Toro 20ct box, is made specifically for the holiday party. Commemorating the cigar craftsmen icon, Rocky Patel and his 55th birthday, the Rocky Patel Fifty Five cigar beams with holiday cheer, as it combines the delicious tobaccos of Nicaragua with Costa Rica. The flavors become immediately noticeable, as the sweet spices of cinnamon and cocoa dance on the palate; while the flavors of oak and pepper provide that perfect balance and blend. Did I mention that the Rocky Patel Fifty Five box “decked its halls” with a red and white trim, crowning itself as the cigar that’s decoratively festive, but also a holiday celebration necessity.

Following in the footsteps of their successful predecessor, the Macanudo Cafe line, the Macanudo Maduro Ascot 10ct Tin cigar continues to deliver that classic natural wrapper taste that Macanudo is known for, while offering flavors that are smooth, mild and sweet. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper instills that sweetful flavor, adding more complexity to the taste and making the Macanudo Maduro Ascot 10ct Tin cigar the perfect holiday gift for any cigar novice or connoisseur.

Nothing makes the holidays more happier, than celebrating them with a quality crafted cigar in hand. Like holiday decorations, certain cigars accentuate the fact that the holiday season is upon us; therefore must celebrate with the cigars that bring out the best and most

memorable experiences of the holiday season. Any one of these three cigars will add more cheer to the holiday festivities and tradition for more holidays to come.

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