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3 Main Reasons to Choose Pipe Tobacco

loose Pipe Tobacco

If you’re just getting into the world of pipe smoking, then you probably know that choosing the right pipe is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this hobby.  So many beautiful pipes are on the market today that smokers have a hard time deciding which material, size and shape is right for them.  But, once this important decision has been made, an even more important decision must be given the right amount of thought.


A lot of first-time pipe smokers don’t really get why pipes should contain pipe tobacco as opposed to any other type of tobacco.  In fact, many smokers don’t really know that there are so many differences between cigarette tobacco, cigar tobacco and pipe tobacco to begin with.  That’s why we’re gonna cover three reasons why you should always choose pipe tobacco over other types when smoking a pipe.


Reason #1: It Doesn’t Contain Filler Chemicals

As we all know, loose cigarette tobacco is relatively more affordable than loose pipe tobacco.  Budget-conscious smokers may therefore find the former more appealing.  But, before you invest in loose cigarette tobacco for your pipe, know that there’s a reason why it’s so much cheaper.  Cigarette tobacco is blended with chemical additives to make it more addictive and potent than other forms of tobacco.  And, many of these chemical additives are considered toxic, so needless to say, you want to avoid them at all costs.


Reason #2: The Flavor is More Complex and Nuanced

Smoking tobacco through a pipe is a unique way to experience the flavor profiles of specific tobaccos as the pipe allows for more flavor per puff.  For this reason, tobacco manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their pipe tobacco has an absolutely delicious flavor profile.  Many add flavor notes to their blends, including cherry, apple and vanilla.  So, by not choosing pipe tobacco for your pipe, you’re missing out on a dazzling world of nuanced, complex and heavily layered flavor.  And, if you’re going to take the time to smoke a pipe, shouldn’t flavor be a high priority?


Reason #3: There’s More to Choose from

Like we said, lots of tobacco companies make special flavors for pipe enthusiasts.  And, they go to enormous effort to develop new and exciting blends of different tobacco variations.  This means that for a pipe user, there is a lot to choose from.  When it comes to smoking tobacco through a pipe, variety is a good thing.  It allows you to enjoy a different flavor profile depending on the occasion, your mood and the weather.


The Perfect Pipe Smoker’s Choice

Now, you can see that there is really no reason to use anything other than designated pipe tobacco when choosing tobacco for your pipe.  For one thing, this type of tobacco is developed specifically for this smoking method.  But, more importantly, it’s not filled with potentially toxic chemical additives, and it has a unique flavor that’s distinctively delicious and luxurious.

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