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3 Things A Cigar Smoker Should Never Do

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Smoking cigars is a passion, not a habit. It’s an enlightenment that takes pride, one with patience and etiquette. If you’re a person with experience then you are certainly aware of the technique used when savoring a cigar moment. On the other hand, if you are one who is just now tapping into your passion for cigars then educate yourself about the proper dos and don’ts associated with your newly discovered past-time.

Many new smokers are usually quick to compare cigar smoking with the similarities of regular cigarette smoking. The true fact is, the two are not one in the same. Cigar smoking, unlike that of cigarettes is an art form deeming it so much more the puffing on a flimsy cigarette.

Here’s a few pointers pertaining to this passion:

Lighting Your Cigar
When you light your cigar you caress it with warmth. Don’t just light it, but evenly warm the end while gently rotating it against the flame. You are wanting to toast it into a warm ember, not flame it up. As such, a smoker should never hold their cigar in your mouth when lighting or re-lighting as this is considered poor manners by other smokers. Because this is your passion, never ask or allow another person to light your cigar. This is showing signs of disrespect to your passion and the enjoyment your cigar provides for you.

Holding Your Cigar
When holding your cigar use elegance and class. You should never hold your cigar as though it were a cigarette.
Too, never rest your cigar in a holder or clench it between your teeth. This shows lack of pride in you passion.

Proper Cigar Etiquette
Smoking a cigar is not something you do while feeling stressed or working under stress. This is a passionate hobby which should be experienced in a relaxing environment. Always allow your cigar to die with dignity, allowing her to burn out on her own. One should never dob or crush their cigar out into an ash tray. This is just bad morals. As a cigar smoker take time to reflect on the manner in which you are lighting your cigar and how you handle it.

Proper cigar etiquette and handling is a must when discovering this art form as a passion. It all comes together in the way you prep your cigar smoking experience. Using the proper etiquette enhances your enjoyment as you become a more experienced cigar smoker. Learning cigar etiquette is an important value that deserves your attention. By simply following these few dos and don’ts will ensure a sense of pride and a satisfying past-time. It’s a passion not a habit!

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