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4 Key Tips For Choosing Your First Stogie

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Breaking into cigars can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Few things are better than relaxing at the end of the day with a group of friends and enjoying each other’s company, a drink, and a great cigar. But how to you go from the first time you buy a cigar to being comfortable enough to chit chat with others about what they’re smoking? By smoking, of course. In this article, we’re going to examine 4 key tips for breaking into the cigar world. However, if you take nothing else away from this, remember that only you know what you like, and to find out what that is, you need to smoke, smoke, smoke!


You might be surprised that “Price” isn’t first on this list. Price is important, but you can really get burned by sticking to price alone. Many cigar “pros” would probably direct you first to a brick and mortar tobacconist. Here, you will (hopefully) find a helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff ready to help you break into cigars. These people are a wealth of knowledge and honestly want to help you find what you like. Remember, they want your return business, so cultivate a relationship with them.


Here, we arrive at the almighty Dollar. Price does play a big part in how people buy their cigars, especially in the beginning of their smoking careers. While you don’t need to drop $20 a stick to get a good smoke, you shouldn’t be looking to buy a 3 pack for $2 and get anything close to a satisfying cigar. You of course can get really good smokes for $5-10 a pop, and to start out, you should be right about there. At this price, you don’t have to worry about being disappointed if you pick up one you don’t like.


Strength, or flavor, should be right after price when determining cigars for the first few buys. Cigars come in a variety of flavor combinations that will make your head spin in the beginning, so you can probably stick to flavors you like in everyday life. Do you enjoy very strong coffee or liquor? Maybe you like spice, or earthiness? There are combinations of wrappers and fillers that will give you exactly what you need. Keep in mind that about 50% of the cigar’s flavor comes from the wrapper, so make sure to ask the tobacconist if you’re not sure.


How long you have to smoke will and should determine the size of the cigar you should buy. If you only have an hour, you don’t want to buy a Churchill-esque stick. Smaller and thinner cigars will be better for less time, but if you have all afternoon, something thicker is going to be better for you. Until you know what you like, stick to smokes less than an hour.

If you stick to these 4 key tips, you’ll find your niche in no time. Never think a question is stupid, because everyone was a beginner at some point, and had questions just like you. The more you smoke, the more you’ll find what you like.


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