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5 Best 2019 Cigars of the Year!

Aging Room Havao Boxed Cigars

Another year is about to be over, and countless cigar enthusiasts are preparing for the new year celebrations by stocking up on the best of the best.  But, with so many great cigars to choose from at BnB Tobacco, how do you know which ones are worth your money, and worthy of such festivities?


Well, allow us to help.  Today, we’ll be breaking down the top five cigars of 2019.  If they’re good enough for our many discerning customers, you can be certain that they’re good enough for you.


Cigar #5: Camacho Liberty


Camacho has been around for over one hundred years, and their products remain as exceptional now as they were when the company originated.  The Liberty cigars are among their most beloved, consisting of gorgeous Honduran tobacco that tastes remarkably fresh due to the fact that each cigar is individually sealed to perfection.  The Habano and Sumatra wrapper adds a lovely touch to this majestic flavor profile, and the medium body makes it robust enough to hit the spot, yet light enough to be enjoyed at any time during the day.


Cigar #4: Acid Cold Infusion Tea


It was hard to pick just one Acid cigar to add to this list, but we eventually chose the Acid Cold Infusion Tea cigar due to its incredible popularity and widespread appeal.  It’s a mild cigar that lives up to its name, boasting gorgeous herbs and spices that are infused into the rich yet mild tobacco.  The tobacco is Nicaraguan, while the Connecticut Shade wrapper complements it beautifully.  Users note the flavors of fresh peach, succulent cream, black tea and aromatic pine that work together to make each and every puff a deeply luxurious experience.


Cigar #3: Aging Room Havao


Another beloved medium-bodied option is the Aging Room Havao, which continues to outsell many of its contemporaries year after year.  With each cigar belonging to a limited batch, cigar lovers know that what they’re getting is something deeply special.  The Habano Criollo filler has a nice richness to it despite not being too robust, and the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper ties everything together beautifully.  The smooth yet spicy flavor has a lot to do with its stellar reputation, as does the undeniable quality that we’ve come to expect from this renowned brand.


Cigar #2: Arturo Fuente Canones


No cigar connoisseur will be surprised to see that Arturo Fuente made our list.  The Arturo Fuenete Canones are somewhere between mild and medium, and great for everyday enjoyment.  Yet, they taste deeply luxurious thanks to the warm, creamy taste that comes from the fine Dominican filler, and the Cameroon and Maduro wrapper that only adds to the excitement of each puff.  Known for their velvety draws, these cigars hit the spot when nothing else will do, to put it plainly.  And, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether you’re enjoying a quick lunch out or a black-tie dinner party.


Cigar #1: Alec Bradley Black Market


If full-bodied cigars are what you crave, just wait until you get your hands on the Alec Bradley Black Market cigars.  This prestigious label has given us one of the most delectable cigars to date, and our customers can’t stop raving about it.  One thing that makes this cigar so distinctive is the complex flavor profile that starts out warm and spicy before becoming rich and creamy, and, eventually, sugary sweet.  Honduran and Panamanian fillers make for an unexpected taste, while the Sumatra wrapper adds to the luxury of every draw.


Enjoy These Top-Selling Cigars of 2019 at BnB Tobacco!


These five top-selling cigars of 2019 will help you ring in the new year in style.  If you’re a true cigar enthusiast, we suggest checking out all five as each one is unique and luxurious in its own special way.  From all of us at BnB Tobacco, enjoy the new year!

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